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The United States is focused on PED’s measures mainly in Biosafety Prevention and Shot In the clear strategy, this cannot prevent PED, but it does reduce the loss caused by the disease. Today, we focus on the research progress and control of the prevalence of epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) propagation laws and control.

The United States has reported in the United States in April 2013, the disease is constantly spread in the United States, causing serious damage to the American pig prices to the highest in the US pig prices. point. Since 2014, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

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1, determining whether the farm is a viral epidemic diarrhea

American experts believe that if the pig farm finds the following characteristics of the piglets: Mother The appetite of pigs is lowered, rare, small sow, vomiting; piglets, severe water-like diarrhea, small amount of vomiting (10 years old pig mortality rate) Quick contact related unit diagnosis is viral epidemic diarrhea.

2, the measures taken to piglets after PED
1) Rapids will break more than 8 days old piglets and transfer to the pork house, these weaning piglets need to carefully care, special care, especially Within a week after weaning (American pig farm is 2 o’clock production, sows are raised by sows and wear pig partitions).
2) Because the piglets are very cold after dying, it is possible to provide a heating plate for piglets while keeping the heating plate. A desiccant similar to French Cleansing can be used.
3) Add an electrolyte multi-dimensional antibiotics in drinking water.
4) ProvideGive a parenchy pair of piglets, mix with water.

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3, the measured measures taken to the sow after the PED

Many pig farms in the United States have been acute outbreak PED (pig flow tract diarrhea), more Take the return to the resort to remove viruses and reduce losses. The key to returning feeding is that all sows (including the separation of pigs, breastfeeding sows, pregnant sows, etc.) must be fully contacted and infecting PEDV. Of course, all piglets that remain in the sow are dehydrated from diarrhea, which is also the result of returning.


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3.1 Refunding Step
1) Select the source of live biscurous pigs (viral replication) that just started diarrhea (viral replication) as a source of origin. If piglets die, PED viruses will no longer copy, so death pigs are not ideal sources (many domestic pig farms are not successful, because the collected pathoines are from death pigs, naturally not ideal).
2) Artificial death pigs and take out the entire intestines, excluding the stomach (Figure 2).
3) Cut the intestines into pieces with scissors (Figure 3). 4) Put 3 pieces of pig intestinal debris into the homogenizer to add water (Figure 4).

5) The 3-headed pig homogenate with water mixture was added to a 15L amount of cup, which was not filled with physiological saline, and a small amount of milk was added to the mixture to increase the appetite of the sow to the mixture. 6) The mixture of 15L fed 50 sows at average mixtures to ensure that each mother pig was produced mixture. 7) The first 6 steps last in the pig farm to carry out 3 days to ensure that the whole mother pigs have been completely contacted.To the pathogen.


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3.2 Remarried piglets in the sow area without returning

1) After the full return, the sow is at least 2 weeks In the left and right, immunity can be established and passed to the newly born piglet. Therefore, the sow that returned to feeding Even if you give birth to a healthy piglet, the piglet will die due to infectious viruses. So the piglets left in the sows in the sows stopped all procedures such as shearing, broken, castrated.
2) Fermentation and incineration are the best way to deal with death pigs. Do not turn the death pigs to the field to deal with, and sick pig treatment requires strict biosafety measures to prevent pathogens from spreading.

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4 Rear Supported Sorry

1) If the rear-binding facilities are sufficient, it can be considered for six months of reserve sows to avoid constant introduction. . At the same time, it is unified to take the return feeding to establish a neat immunity. 2) If the facility is not sufficient, the return material can be frozen, and the reserve pig will be refunded. 5 weaned maternal pig groups

Because all piglets will die in the previous period, the pig farm will have a large number of weaning of the mother pig, which requires special in the feed to add a special Drugs avoid the estrus of the sow, that is, take measures to manually control the estrus of the sow, avoiding irregular breeding.


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6 Biosafety
After 1 week of return, after 1 week, the field is to perform strict biosafety measures, which can reduce the loading of the virus in the field, completely remove the virus in the field. Specific:

1) minus foster from different categories and different parts in a few weeks. 2) Each category or unit is set up a pedal toxic pot and enter and exit strict disinfection.

3) Different room public instruments should be disinfected.

4) Different nests must replace the needle.

5) The pigs with pigs, especially the houses that have just been transferred. The American Pig Rota generally takes 3 to 5 weeks after 3 to 5 weeks, and most of the viruses can be purified.

Characteristics of PED virus levels have important significance to the development of farm biosafety strategies. The following is a level of research on piglets after Ped (epidemic diarrhea), for reference.

1) 12 birds of feces, claws, and mouth PEDV nucleic acid detection all negative (surrounding the surrounding farm). 2) 6 (n = 30) flies PEDV nucleic acid detection positive.
3) 1 compost (n = 3) PEDV nucleic acid detection positive (onset pig farm).
4) 3 feces (N = 7) PEDV nucleic acid detection is positive (the pig field after the onset of 1D).
5) 6 feces (n = 6) PEDV nucleic acid detection as positive (stable pig farms after the onset).
6) Collect 64 air samples around the diseased pig farm, 11 of which were positive.

The above is a measures for the Ped (Pig Fluid Diarrhea) of the American Pig Farm, although the disease conditions of each country are different, but there is a great reference significance in the control of epidemic diarrhea virus.

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