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Time: June 22, 2018 Location : Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, First, General Assembly “2nd China International Modern Fisheries Science and Technology Expo and Aquaculture Exhibition” by China Fisheries Association, Agricultural Minister River Basin Fishery Administration Office, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Ship Inspection Bureau, National Aquatic Technology Promotion Terminal, China Aquatic Science Research Institute, China Science and Technology News Society, Anhui Provincial Agricultural Committee, etc., and filed in the Ministry of Agriculture. Expo integrates fisheries economic and trade cooperation, Expo show, negotiate orders, science and technology seminars, cultural exchanges, focusing on the aquaculture, feed and motivation, farming model and facilities equipment, farming technology and informationization, etc., exhibition area is expected to reach 30,000 square meters . The general offers a professional, efficient, international fishery exchange platform, which has made a “based on central, serving the whole country, and the world” industry brand event. Second, organizational organizer: China Fisheries Association Support Unit: Agricultural Minister Jiangnu Fishery Administration Office Agricultural Ministry of Fishery Ship Inspection Bureau National Aquatic Technology Extension Station China Science and Technology Research Institute Anhui Provincial Agricultural Committee Korea Water Session South Korea The Central Committee of the Shui Association, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, National Aquatic Wholesale Association, Co-organizer: China Fisheries Association, various provincial and municipal fishery associations, Chaohu City Aquatics Bureau Office: Anhui Zhongne International Convention Ltd. III, Exhibition 1 , Aquatic seedling variety of water vivid plant seedlings, parents; and new technological promotion of breeding seedlings. 2, feed and motion feed and additives, water quality improvement agents, microbial formulations, oxygenation, algae, antibiotics, aquatic disinfectants, internal anti-disease, nutrition additives, aquatic fishing medicine, etc. 3, farming model and facilities equipment factory chemical circulating water farming, pond engineering circulating water farming, rice fishing comprehensive breeding, water product standardTerritory ecological health farming, container controlled circulating water farming, deep water cage breeding, marine pasture three-dimensional breeding and other models; various aquaculture equipment and instruments, meshuces, mesh equipment, all kinds of processing, packaging, cold Chain, logistics, quality safety test equipment, instrument, etc. 4. Aquaculture, aquaculture, scientific and technological achievements, inventive patents, farming technology, etc. 5. Aquaculture informative breeding network technology and equipment, disease remote diagnostic system, intelligent farming equipment, e-commerce, etc. 6, breeding service and other capital investment, financial services, farming insurance, inspection and quarantine, industry consultation, international institutions, media, etc .; aquaculture experience and one or two-three industries integrate demonstration experience aquaculture base, leisure fishery demonstration base, fishery specialty small Town, fishery, one or two, three-generation, blending, development, development. Fourth, the same period of activities 1. The 6th China Modern Fishery Development Forum 2. Fishery Science and Technology Achievements 5. Modern Aquaculture Technology Exchange Meeting 4. Review and Review Fifth, the last review 2017 China International Modern Fisheries and Fisheries Science and Technology Expo, He is grandly opened in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, Anhui Province from June 16th to 18th. A total of 5 fishery technology, fishery farming and equipment, modern aquatic food, 23,000 square meters, 353 exhibitors, more than 3,000 exhibits, covering 18 provinces and Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. Enterprises, 12 special sessions of the same period, with 24,878 professional audiences. The Ministry of Agriculture attended the “Fifth Modern Fisheries Development Forum” held in the same period and issued an important speech. During the Expo, there were 16 national mainstream media 63 fishery professional media to live interviews, CCTV Financial Channel conducted an interview with exhibitors. The questionnaire survey shows that 70% of the exhibitors have expressed their very satisfaction and satisfaction, and 65.7% of exhibitors have reached a cooperation with the purchaser site. Some exhibitors: Dalian Zidi Island, Fujian Haixin Food, Good Home, Minwei Food, China Aquatic Products, Xingong Union, Fuchang Sanzhen, Huimin Industrial, Anhui San Win, etc .; Tongwei Group, Shenzhen Chuyang , Shandong Xinda, Guangdong Haif, Shanghai Hui Nong, Anhui Wen Sheng, Nanjing Huahong, Haixing Intelligent, Zhongyi Federation, Jiangno Hygasne, Ruifeng Electromechanical, Baichuan Machinery Zhejiang Zhu Rui, Anhui Tuide, Zhongke Sea, Huangpu Wen Chong, Zhejiang Carbon Silver, Changzhou Popularization, Yantai Rentea Automation Equipment, China Aquatic Products, Jiangsu Jiean, Liu’an Shanghai Fish, Shandong, Zhonglian Nong Net, Hai’an TigerWei, etc. The committee, relevant colleges, scientific research units, etc., and conference notice. Professional Association Organization: From the China Fisheries Association, all China and overseas related associations, chambers, alliances, as the master / co-organizer, and invite domestic and foreign farmers to visit. Professional media propaganda: cooperate with breeding, aquatic equipment, feed, fisherial medicine, and research industry magazine / newspapers / website, put on advertising, continuous publicity. China Merchants Team invites: 20 professional teams, inviting domestic trade / distribution / agricultural market / breeding / fishing / feed store / Tangkou, maiden, and visits to visitors, distribution trading company . Industry activities promotion: Many promotional conferences in the same period, ordering negotiations, driving professional groups through the conference. One-on-one invitation: For the buyers required for each unit, the precision invitation, and one-on-one invitation service, the “One-on-one Purchasing Fair” in the exhibition will be invited: participate in the relevant exhibitions / conferences at home and abroad Activities, collecting purchases of other regional exhibitions / meetings Outdoor advertising: on TV, radio, WeChat and other new media, to achieve social publicity effect. Seven, exhibit fees (1) Booth cost booth Specifications Domestic exhibitors Foreign Exhibition Trademark Exhibition Booth (9m2) RMB 5000 / US $ 850 / Indoor Special (Light 36m2) RMB 500 / US $ 85 Yuan / note: 1. Standard booth provides: two-sided blade, fascia, negotiation table, folding chair, two empty lights, exhibit documents, participation guidelines. 2, the indoor special exhibition area only provides light, no configuration, the exhibitor is responsible for the various costs of the booth to build arrangements. (2) Advertising fee print advertising fee on-site advertising fee prices invitation 100 yuan / million entrance gantry 1000 yuan / block audience visitor 16,000 yuan / million truss screen 5000 yuan / block exhibit main guide 10,000 yuan / million Rainbow Arch 3000 Yuan / E-Party Document 10,000 yuan / 3000 hydrogen balloon 2500 yuan / piece handbag 1000 yuan / 3000 note water flag 500 yuan / session 10000 yuan / 3000 room mainland post 500 yuan /

eight, contactWay Anhui Zhongshi Exhibition Co., Ltd. Contact: Huang Lei Tel: 18256036261E-mail: Address: No. 129, Tiandu Road, Hefei, Anhui Province.

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