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Recently, received some netizens feedback, some netizens’ forum accounts were restricted, blocked, freezing and other issues. The reason may be as follows:

1, the forum account is not logged in for a long time;
2, the forum account often releases unused post;
3, the forum account password is lost;

From now until the account is affordable, blocking, restrictions such as freezing, blocking, restrictions, can be released by sending related messages to: or plus QQ: 951788, unpacking account restrictions. (Remove the freeze or change the password, please explain the problem, and provide the username, provide username, provide username)


1, send related account: user name, forum registration Relevant information such as mailbox;
2, write clear need to be released (blocking, freeze, restriction, etc.);
3, leave contact information.
After the account is handled, we will contact you in the first time.
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December 12, 2017

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