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The exogenous benefit is composed of Direct Feed Microorganism, DFM, and in some cases, in some cases, it is also known as competitive bacterial cultures (CE), which has become an alternative antibiotic. New feed additives. Feed microorganisms commonly used in ruminants include yeast, lactic acid bacteria, lab), Bacillus, aspergillus oryzae, etc., at this stage of different functional strains Product applications are the most widely used. The advantages of enzymatic benefits: 1. Promote new rumor stomas development, weaned in advance 2. Regulation of rumen 5. Regulate the rumen microbial zone 4. Reduce the oxidative potential in the rye 5. Stabilize the rumen pH 6. Promotion Utilization of ammonia 7. Change the rumen fermentation mode 8. Promoting the absorption of rumen VFA 9. Promoting nutrient digestion and absorption 10. Improve the production performance of ruminants 11. Biological antagonism of intestinal pathogenic microorganisms 12. Enhance the body immunity, resistance Heat stress

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