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料: 200 grams of rabbit meat, 30 grams of Huai Mashanti, 15 grams of medlar, 15 grams of party, 15 grams of Astragalus, 30 grams of jujube.
Practice: Rabbit meat is washed with other ingredients. After boiling, the refurbishment will continue to cook for 2 hours, soup, meat.
Efficacy: Jianpi Yiqi.
1. Different local conditions
Northeast: Northeast China is located in my country’s north, which belongs to the highest latitude. This area is very short in the summer, and the winter time is relatively long. Add to 18 grams.
Northwestern Region: Climate drought, multi-sand, sufficient sunshine, increase the jujube in this formula to 35 grams.
Central area: The climate is more gentle, sufficient sunshine, can increase the formula in the formula to 35 grams.
Southeast Region: Climate is humid, rich in rainfall, can be reduced to 25 grams in this formula.
Southwest: rainy, climate wet fever, wonderful spicy, hot and smell, can add this formula to 18 grams.
Second, different physical factor selection
qi deficiency body: people of qi deficiency, soft muscles, physical deficiency, shortness of breath, easy to sweat, not cold and cold. The medlar in this formula increased to 18 grams, and the party ginseng increased to 16 grams.
Blood deficiency body: the human face color of blood deficiency is pale, dry skin, sleep more dreams, soil is dry, it is unfavorable. In this party, the 枸 increased to 18 grams, and the jujube increased to 35 grams.
Yin deficiency body: Yin deficiency people are afraid of hot, hands and feet, rude, and sleepy. Astragalus increased to 16 grams in this party.
Yang deficiency physique: Yang deficiency, the population is not thirsty, the cold is warm, the limbs are under temperature, and the hair is easy to fall. The medlar in this party increased to 18 grams, and the astragalus decreased to 12 grams, and the jujube increased to 35 grams.
Third, different age foods are different
Adolescents: Adolescents are in the growth and development stage, the gas is strong, and the liquid is sufficient, and the food is two times.
Middle-aged: Huai Masham is increased to 35 grams.
Seniors: Body metabolism and excretion function decline, and the amount can be reduced by half.

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