The cause and preventive measures of Zambow

The stadium is not an independent disease name, but during the feeding process, due to the misconduct of the feed, the management is not scientifically, or because some diseases lead to malnutrition, the growth is slow, and even the growth and development, that is, called the stiff pig It can also be called “longevity pig” or “pad socket”.
lack nutrients, or have chronic diseases such as parasitic disease (70%), digestive tract disease (such as indigestion, dysentery, gastritis), anemia and other chronic diseases, and for a long time . In addition, due to genetic factors such as neirting breeding, breeding is too early, and the sow is thin, causing lack of lack of pigs, weak individuals, poor living capacity, especially in the middle of the nest, is the most readily forming a stiff pig.
Preventive measures
should be prevented from different measures according to the cause of stiffness.
(1) Establish a laser archive of boars and sows, and find a spectrum, and do a good job in breeding programs, prevent nearby relatives. Breeding boars and sows, don’t go early.
(2) According to the feeding requirements of boars, pregnancy and breastfeeding, the necessary full-price feed is supplied, and the piglet should be early replenishment. When the sow is insufficient, the piglet is another pig sow. Vegetable piglets in the weakness of the weaning should give special management.
(3) Usually do a good job in hygiene and epidemic prevention, the pig is treated in time to avoid transferring chronic disease. Preventing the occurrence of parasites, to regularly deworming.
(4) Reasonable matching
(5) Drug prevention and treatment: adding pigs in feed to the pig. Can effectively improve the growth rate of the stiff pig, break the secret of the stamitar! After the use of this product, it can reduce the occurrence of disease during the childcare stage. ! !
Usage and Dosage:
1. Weaning Pig Pig Coat (15-20 head) use 50 grams (1 bag), drinking water or wet mixing daily, with 5-7 days.
2. Zigui ( Piglose group in sub-health status), pig weight 150-200 kg a bag (50 grams) per day, for 20 days, drinking water or moisture material can be used.
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