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First, pig seedlings will not eat milk
1, piglets do not eat milk, there are many reasons: low blood sugar, fake rabies, mold toxins, piglet tongue nerve paralysis, weak pregnancy and premature birth is affecting piglets do not eat milk Key factor. 2. Check that the feed of the mother pigs has an effect on the emulsion, and then it is to check if the body of the pig is abnormal. 3, piglets began to get on in 2 to 3 days after life, starting to express milk, or don’t want to suck the milk, lying alone, the individual piglets are weak, the body is weak, trembled, blindly wandering, pigs, pale, body The surface is cool, the body temperature decreases, slow or disappeared on the external irritation, and the serious people stood in the legs, noses, lying on the ground, and finally could not bear the lie down, and finally showed shock, convulsions, coma and death. According to clinical symptoms, it is suspected to be caused by low blood glucose.
Second, how to deal with?
For piglets that don’t eat milk because of piglets, if the symptoms are lighter, they can swallow. Then we have to use a hose of a syringe. Feeds about 15% of glucose water for small pigs, and each time it is kept at around 15ml and is fed once every 3 hours. If the symptoms are relatively serious and they can’t be swallowed, then the same proportion of glucose water is injected in the depth of the piglet, once every five hours, until the symptoms are relieved, can be used normally.
Third, how to prevent it?
For the phenomenon of low blood sugar in piglets, it is generally caused by insufficient pig breast milk. Therefore, when we are in breeding, pay attention to the management of the late pregnancy during pregnancy, and ensure that the sow has sufficient breast milk after production. And in lactation, it is necessary to strengthen management to ensure that each piglet can be eaten. Then you have to control the environment, the temperature remains around 24 degrees. If the pig is sick, then the glucose will be replenished to prevent the spread of disease.
In summary, pig seedlings will not eat milk and preventive hair. Friends of pigs must pay attention to the management of their own pig seedlings and prevent the occurrence of milk.
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