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Nowadays, the ducks raised by the wild ducks are blended through the artificial domestication, they still maintain a biological characteristics that are sensitive to environmental stress conditions, and the egg duck is much sensitive than meat.

Environmental stress factors (temperature, sound, strangers, etc.) have a direct impact on egg duck growth, especially egg ducks in layout eggs, more sensitive to the environment, encounter different levels of stress, It will cause different degrees of nervousness, endocrine disorders, eating, drinking water, sports, etc., and cause metabolic disorders, resulting in reduced eggs or even stopping laying. Summer rainy days, especially the intense stress of the weather in thunderstorms, more likely to cause an abnormal reaction. Veterinary drug agent

At this time, the following measures should be taken: Don’t let the duck in the ducks, take the duck collocity in the dringing clean pads, keep dry, do a good ventilation; secondly, There must be suitable light, prevent dark stress, and maintain proper duck group density, prevent crowding stress; third, breeding personnel are stable, strictly prohibit strangers and animals into the house, prevent alarm group; Fourth, add VE, VC in the feed to relieve stress responses.

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