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The pig has always been synonymous with people’s minds, mud pigs, and the swatches are also in the pig’s head; this aspect is related to the living conditions of pigs, Related to the image of the Journey to the Pig Eight Rings.

In fact, people are wrong, pigs are animals like clean.
For decades ago, China promoted the cross-raising law; according to this method, many people have built pigs toilets for pigs. After training, they also consciously go to the toilet in the toilet; feeding on the ground When adding pork, there is also a three-point positioning method, which is to first put some feces or other garbage, and pigs will take the initiative to treat the place as toilet; or place some places that need pigs lying down Aspirates, pigs rarely take the urine in their own feet and sleep, this also shows that pigs like clean.

We are in the pig’s body, that is often not a pig’s mistake, but the environment is too dirty, the pig is helplessly polluted; the mud pigs that have been seen in the past are not pigs like. Mud; there are two possibilities, one is lack of minerals, pigs will eat in the minerals in the process of arch mud; the other is too high, pigs are drilled to heat the body in order to heat In the mud water, it can alleviate the heat stress; the body sticking the mud is exposed to the air, and the moisture in the mud will evaporate, and the heat of the pig is also a helplessness.

I like to clean a feature of pigs. The clean environment is also advantageous to the health of pigs; so for the health of pigs, especially in the piglet stage, we must maintain a good sanitation environment.
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