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The chicken is raising the intestines. Many people have heard such a word, but many people pay attention to this. Most of the chickens think that the chickens can basically don’t eat medicine, but our chicken farm has 2-3 times.

What are the digestive tract of chicken: oral, esophageal, sacchaow, adrenal, muscle stomach, duodenum, jejunum, back sausage, blindcore, rectum, red-raviculum, with gland, gallbladder ,pancreas.
Intestinal: Intestinal is the main place for nutrient absorption, most of the nutrients are absorbed here. Combined with chicken disease encountered recently, talk about the prevention and treatment of intestine disease!

Hypertensive, glandular gastritis, enteritis, intestinal toxic, coccidia, which directly affect the intestinal absorption of diseases, so prevention and treatment in breeding management and drug prevention.

The intestines are destroyed, and various harmful substances will directly enter the liver, and the liver overload operation is not finished. Various harmful substances will enter the heart and lung trachea with blood. When the chicken is diagnosed, it is inevitable. So we often say that the intestines are one of the lifelines of the chicken.

1, infection of small colon catholic: small colonoctus mainly parasitic in intestinal mucosal epithelial cells Almost makes the feed cannot be completely digested, and the absorption of moisture is also significantly reduced, although the massive drinks will cause dehydration, so the feces row of the hazelnuts are thin and not shaped, and tomatoes containing intestinal mucosa. Sample manure, rotten fish intestine feces. Contains that there is no digestive feed.
2, bacterial infection: bacteria can cause enteritis, is also one of the etiology of meletic intestine syndrome: such as Salmonella, gas-free clippermosis, etc., by stimulating the intestinal mucosa, causing inflammation to make the intestine The peristalsis speed is accelerated, too much digestive solution, shortened the time of the feed through the digestive tract, resulting in indigestion.
3, acid-base balance disorders in the intestines: due to seasonal, feed, pathogenic microorganisms caused intestinal flora disorders, producing a large amount of lactic acid, so that the pH in the intestine is severely reduced, and the intestinal environment changes, It has reduced a large amount of breeding of a lotus, but since the intestinal tract is in anaerobic environment, Clostridium Wei’s Clostridium, and the plenty of anaracious bacteria such as sassfacietis is large, and the harmful bacteria and coccidi are mutuallyCoordination and strengthen the pathogenicity. This will cause a decrease in breeding, while harmful bacteria grows a lot of growth, especially E. coli, and Salmonella can aggravate pathogenicity. The toxins secreted by the flora increase, stimulate the intestinal mucosa to speed up the intestinal peristalsis, the digestive discharge is increased, the feed is shortened by the intestine, the digestion, the unsubstated feed together, exogenous, forming a characteristic tomato Sample or peel sausage.
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4, the electrolyte is a large amount of loss: due to the large amount of growth reproduction of coccidi and harmful bacteria leads to indigestion and intestinal absorption disorders, the electrolyte is reduced, and the large amount of intestinal mucosa cells are rapidly ruptured Make the electrolyte a large amount of loss of physiological or biochemical, especially the large amount of potassium ions, can cause excessive intensity of the heart, which is one of the main reasons why broiler suddenly increased.

5, autologous poisoning: In the process of morbidity, a large amount of intestinal epithelial cells rupture, under the action of bacteria, decomposition of corruption, and desofinated intestinal mucosa, death insects, etc. In vivo fermentation decomposition A large amount of toxic substances, at the same time, the toxins secreted by the intestinal abnormal flora will be self-poisoned after the body is absorbed, and there is an excitement, scream, and false failure.

6, Feed Factors: A large amount of energy, protein and some vitamins in feed can promote a large amount of breeding and aggravation of bacteria and coccidi. Therefore, the more nutrients, the higher the incidence, the more serious symptoms. Feeds with lower feeding are relatively low. In addition, mildew feed can also be aggravated.

The principle of intestinal disease prevention and treatment:
Put the control of the chicken environment, the amount of pad avoids too moist, and hit the chicken manure, and the chicken manure.

The control of water is healthy, the feed is reached, and the mold is avoided.

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