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Hebei Zhang boss farmed the egg chicken 20000, in recent time, the chicken phenomenon in the chicken house. At first, the boss knew that mold toxin will also lead to a chicken, carefully examined the feed, and found that the feed quality is very good, there is no bottle toxin poisoning problem, it is that the summer is too hot, the vitamin lacks, and there is not much careful, Add some vitamins and minerals to the chicken feed. After a few days, the phenomenon of chickens did not improve, and the chicken was slowly increased. In the next time, the vaccine has also been hit, the medicine is also eaten, that is, there is no use, more and more, the boss directly calls the evil door! I found a local veterinarian to go to the chicken. I got into the chicken. The veterinarian found that the chicken was only thin, and the spirit was sluggish. After the sick chicken, I found that the skin was inflamed and rough. The inflammatory oozing is dry after drying, forming gray white or gray yellow crusting, the feet is large, and the appearance is like a gray, which is a “lime foot disease” caused by typical mites. The feathers of the chicken, the red mites are everywhere! The veterinarian immediately criticized the boss, usually don’t pay attention to the chicken reservoir, the disaster is endless!

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Under the national policy of ineffective resistance, the veterinarian has just contacted the products of Longchang Eucalyptus Essential Oil. After several trials, it is determined that Longchang Eucalyptus essential oil is green and safe, and If the effect is very fast, the insecticormous insecticidality is not poor than the original drug, and the product will be recommended to Zhang Boss. According to the instructions, the eucalyptus essential oil is sprayed with 100 kg of water. On the same day, I found a lot of mites a lot. I sprayed once, not only aphid, mosquitoes were basically no. There is no harassment of the aphid, the state of the chicken group is good, and the food is also up! The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (, please indicate the source. Thank you

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