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The shell of the river crab refers to the development of the old shell after development to the crab stage, starting from the preparation stage before the shell, until the process of preparing the next shell is one cycle. The river crab has a hard outer skeleton, the volume and weight of the body are increased, and the river crab can gain 50-90% during each shell. Every shell of the river crab is a serious test of life. If it is not possible to make the shell or shell, it will lead to the death of the river crab, causing cultured losses. Statistics show that the incidence of river crab shells increased year by year, and the mortality rate during the shell accounted for 80% of the cultured casualties.

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When the river crab shell is not, the sick crab is slow, often spent on the crab, the cracks of the crab, the branches of the breastplate have occurred at the border of the abdomen, the unable to exit only some crab shells, disease There is obvious spot in the crab armor, and the whole body becomes black and finally died. The crab seedliness is degraded, the pond is deteriorated, the disease is flooding, and the feed nutrient is not comprehensive is the main cause of the river crab shells. During the breeding process, some nutrients are lacking, such as elements such as the aquaculture water lack of calcium phosphate and other elements. The long-term lack of amino acids, bile acids, and shells, etc. in the bait will result in the occurrence of the shellings. Choose a healthy and energetic crab seedlings, strengthening water management, etc., is still the most basic work to prevent river crab smelters. But nutrients have more and more attention to everyone. Many farmers do not pay attention to internal service health care. In addition to it, it is mainly suspected of the existence of the effect. In fact, the internal service reinforced health care containing bile acids is obvious. The bile acid is the same as cholesterol, which is the nutrient necessary for shrimp crabs, which is the precursor substance of the body synthesis of elastic hormone. Adding bile acids in the feed can increase the synthesis of the body’s ejection hormone, and ensure that the elongated hormone content is sufficient, and the river crab is normal smoothly. Early river crab is small, adding bile acid to ensure that the limited bait invested by river crabs is fully absorbed and utilized, and accelerate the accumulation of its nutrition. Bile acid also enhances liver and pancreatic function and enhances the body of river crabs. The liver and pancreatic is an important metabolic organ of the river crab, which has functions such as detoxification, secretion of digestive enzymes, immune defense. The burden of the liver and pancreas and the problem of lesions have led to poor river crab body resistance, indirectThe smooth shell of the river crab. Bile acids achieve the purpose of maintaining liver and pancreatic health by enhancing metabolism and toxic and hazardous substances into the body. In short, bile acids are the most important nutritional factors that the river crab smoothly and completely molty, promote the metabolism of ec.e, reducing the burden of nutrients, reducing the liver and pancreatic burden, and enhances the control of river crabs to prevent river crabs, increase farmers. Copyright Notice: This article is the Shandong Longchang movement of the original article, and the original text is published in the Dragon Central to China. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source.


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