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The factory culture originated in the 1960s, has become the leading edge industry of the current aquaculture industry. Factory fishing is a modern aquaculture industry integrating mechanization, informationization, and automation. However, factory-frozen fish is also high-tech, high-input, high-risk industries, need to conduct scientific analysis and arguments in advance, scientific management and post-scientific maintenance, to reduce risks, create high efficiency. At the same time, factory-cultivation is a systematic engineering of multiple disciplines, ecological, physics, chemistry, machinery, and electronics. The modernization of basic equipment is one of the most basic conditions for developing plant fishing fish.
Overview of my country’s factory breeding
factory fishing fish is also known as industrial fishing, which is characterized by using plant facilities and supporting mechanical instruments, high density, intensive fish. Scientifically purifying the aquaculture water body, creating a good environmental condition suitable for fish growth and breeding, and placing the fish in manual control, achieving stable production, high yield. However, there are currently in the starting stage, and the facilities of the fishing plant are not perfect. The scientific research lags after production, and the factory fishing fish should have high dissolved oxygen, temperature control, ecological disease prevention and other conditions, and Water quality purification technology is still relatively backward, the water fish is poor, small feeding density, high bait factor, frequent disease, and directly affect the development of aquaculture industry. In recent years, Guangzhou China Airlines Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has designed the ZH-RAS circulating water system, supporting facilities, physical filtration, biological purification, ozone sterilization, high-efficiency cycle and water quality monitoring, etc., high-density breeding production, in closed cycle High-yielding high-efficiency breeding model was established under water conditions.

The development trend of future factory culture
Coordinated development of people and the environment is an eternal theme of humans. How to develop clean, safe, healthy, and efficient aquaculture industry, which can meet both needs and not to pollute the environment, and achieve sustainable development is an important topic. Therefore, in the development of aquaculture industry in the future, the protection environment will be prerequisites, and the closed intraocular culture model has become a development direction.
Compared with water fish, the pH of the circulating water culture system is more stable, the water quality is better, and there is no need much human resources while reducing costs. In particular, the amount of water in the circulating water culture system is small, and there is no pollution to the surrounding environment, and it also reduces the invasion of foreign water disease. FactoryFish is an organic combination of engineering technology and biological science, and is considered to be a direction in which high value-added utilization of marine life resources. Therefore, the closed circulating water high-density breeding will become an inevitable trend and mainstream of future fisheries sustainable development.

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