The difference between American shorthair cats and Chinese codes

American Shorthair Cat and Chinese Cv Cats are two kinds of very similar cats, many friends who love cats, often confused or think that these two cats are the same variety. American short-haired cat originates in the United States, China’s raccoon cat (details) originating in China, the origin, shape, and habits of two cats, are completely different varieties. Love cat friends can distinguish them from the following aspects.

American shorthair cat: slim, large head, more ellipse, full of cheeks. The cat is thin and round, and the distance between the head is uniform, the distance between the two ears is twice the distance of the eye. The forehead of the short-haired cat is smooth, the eyes are large, bright and god. The mouth nose is square, and the contour of the jaws is clear and distinct, the length of the neck is moderate. The body is strong, and the shoulders, chest, and back muscles and powerful. The paws of the cat are circular, and the toes are five after five, with a thick collected pad. The tail is medium length, from the root to the end of the tail. The whole body hair is short and thick, and the hair is harder and slippery. Chinese civet catcout: timg (1).jpg The face is slightly called hexagonal, the eyes are mainly yellow green, brown color. The europaus has a semi-circular head cap bone, the nose is straight, and the size is moderate. The raccoon cat is strong, the chin is straight, strong. The neck is relatively short, but the thick, the trunk is long, the chest is developed, the back is flat, and the muscles of the limbs are strong, the front pawl is finished, and the back claw 4 means. The tail is shorter than the body length, and there is no sudden change from the root to the tail. The whole body hair is short, hard, has a shiny, and the body is not a phenomenon.

American Shorthair Cat:

Body is strong, brave, hardworking, docile, never chartered , Like quiet, no noisy, very popular. The short-haired cat is very intelligent, with other animals that can be harmonious.

China Rator Cat:

Strong independence, memory, impression, rich in feelings, braveness, and the owner will be very sincere after the owner. It is always a majestic feeling in the daily life. On weekdays, the lacuna cat loves, cheerful, but it will become very sensitive to the surrounding environment.Zhang, the dependence of the owner is stronger. Two varieties of cats are deeply loved by friends, and they are very simple. If you decide to raise a variety of cats, you must study and understand two varieties before purchasing, avoid buying back It’s not the variety you need.

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