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The main feature is the fact that there is a fast infectious speed or a certain contagious, cough, and some strange calls and high breathing difficulties.


Small infectivity, mainly runny nose, sneezing, cough in the chicken group, is a rumble of the rhythm is very slow; . The bacterial respiratory pathogenesis and mycoplasm are similar, in order to let the breeding friends identify my mycoplasma, the focus is to tell how to distinguish.

Chicken branch is a disease in chicken caused by chicken (mycoplasma) mold, which is mainly divided into two types of chicken bodensions and slidibal branches.

The chicken is characterized by cough, gasping, respiratory phonetic, and balloon inflammation, eyeitis and sinusitis. Slipocytocyani glyph infection can cause chicken synovitis, tendonji, chicken, chicken foot pads, can also cause airbagitis.

The earliest symptom of mycoplasma infection is not cough, the earliest symptom is the endlope deformation, followed by the clutching red, the eyes have air bubbles, to this extent, the chicken will use the paw to catch the nose, carefully The breeding households will find that the nose is dirty, but if you listen carefully, you will have little to hear the sound of the respiratory tract. Further development, the lesion of the eye is aggravated, the eyeliner is clearly deformed, the eyes tears, there are a lot of bubbles, you can hear the spray spray, this stage can be maintained for 2-4 days, why is the biliaptic infection, also called The reason is slower, the incidence is slow, the treatment is relatively slow, not coming together. In the early stage of mycoplasma, it will see a foam on the mesenteric and inlet bladder when anatomy.

The characteristics of mycoplasma are vertically propagated. Once carrying, lifetime, the medicament is only suppressed, and cannot be completely eliminated. When the chicken is stress, my group will look up. If the temperature difference of the temperature difference is too large, the humidity is low, the vaccine response during immunity, the ventilation in the whole process, the dust is too large, etc. can cause a mycoplasma. The quality factor is good, determines the occurrence of this disease and the severity of the disease.

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