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Agricultural Rural Ministry proposes: All national core breeding fields must be immunized with pig farms with pig farms 2020 This is a huge challenge for most kinds of pig farms. In order to fundamentally reduce the economic losses brought by the pig pseudo rabies to the pig industry, the vaccine of the pig farm should be purified by pseudorabies. As opposed other pig infectious diseases, pig pseudo-rabies is a disease that is relatively easy to purify. At present, there are many countries and regions in the world that have destroyed or purified pig fakes. We don’t usually have a nationwide, a short time to purify pseudohavisia in a short period of time, but we can do it in a certain period of time to purify pseudohavis. The stone of the mountain can attack jade, we may wish to see how our European peers purify pseudohadia.

The Netherlands’ Pseudohadage Clear Plan started from 1993å. This plan is to reduce the spread of pseudohavis, develop strict immune procedures, and enforce the immunogeneous traveler GE lack of seedlings. Since 1993, pseudohadies fell rapidly in the Dutch PRV serum positive pig.
The Netherlands have nearly 70% of the sow PRV serum in the Netherlands in the Netherlands when executed in 1993. 5 years later to the first quarter of 1998, the sow of the south of the Netherlands (pig group intensive district) sow blood is about 1%.

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2018-8-21 09 : 50 Upload 1, Pseudohadia Clear Scheme

Farm enforcement is implemented as follows

A. It is enforced in 1993 to enforce immunoassays: sows and boars 3 times a year; the reserve pigs 1/4š10 weeks of age, 14 weeks old 2 free; June 3 free. Fertilizer pig: 10 weeks old and 14 weeks old 2 immunization

b. Since 1994, pseudohadies are notified nationwide. Since then, there is no clinical report without a false rabies in the Netherlands.
c. Strengthen vaccine immunity: use gE gene lacking seedlings were used in 783 strains.
D. Serological monitoring (deletion of GE gene) was performed in the pig. Since 1996, 50-6 million serum samples were detected each year.
e. Serological monitoring (deletion of Ge gene) was carried out in wild pigs. Since 1994, 100-150 serum samples were detected each year, and 300 serum samples were examined each year. The results show that the wild boar is not an important host.
f. Tag PRV negative certificate. In October 1998, the PRV negative certificate was issued to all mandatory immune farms. As of January 2004, almost all 10,800 pig farms in the Netherlands issued a PRV negative certificate (except for 30 households, accounting for 0.3%).
2, the focus of immunization

GE gene lacking vaccine is necessary and proves to effectively reduce even blocking the propagation of PRV. In 1996 and 1997, a monitoring model has been established in the PRV negative pig farm. At that time, 10 outbreaks of fake rabies were detected. Almost all reasons can be monitored by serum: the use of vaccines (not used according to standard methods), not the best immunization state, or long-term mixed group feeding (whole group or fertilizer pig group or mixed with pigs).
3, the result: Serological tests in recent years
Table 1 below was found to detect the number of positive in Idexx-ge-ELISA in three years (2001, 2002, 2003). The test results were confirmed by NRI (located in Leiita). Each GE-ELISA detected that the positive pig farm was confirmed. Through this method, the GE-ELISA was found to detect positive serum. The result is no reason to revoke these PRV negative certificates.

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ASH: Animal Health Service Organization (Netherlands, Dewente) NRI : National ReferenceThe hospital (Netherlands, Leiita) can be seen on the table, the number of serum samples in 2003 is much more than the first two years, which is due to the beginning of March 15, 2003, to Germany, Sarki and Northern Wester Farnel exports of lactarians need to test serum samples, which have established a monitoring model in accordance with the PRV negative pig farm (Article 10)

The above clearance plan ultimately makes the Netherlands to remove pseudo crazy, but other products are live animals, meat And eggs will have to decide whether to establish paragraph 10 or start a negative testing plan (European Commission) in the European Community.

4, pseudohadia purification discussion hotspots

A: Use GE gene deletion (marked) pseudohadia vaccine immunogenesis to control the outbreak of pseudohadies.

B: Immunization of the GE gene of positive meat pig farms. C: According to the viewpoint of the Dutch product, the pig farm and the Royal Veterinary Federation, the use of cambrids should be avoided.

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