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With the rapid development of the egg hook industry, the cultivation level of the feeding personnel has also improved, but in the production process of actual egg chicken, the cognitive gap is still aware of the immunization of egg chicken viral diseases.

Many people think that all the problems have been solved, and they don’t know their own strengths, so that the chicken farm has fallen into the crisis. The author has done the following summary with its own years and technical service experience:


Some people think that the vaccine is immunized, “Everything is good”, basically does not do antibody detection, does not evaluate whether the antibody of the chicken group can effectively resist the wild to attack.

Misunderstanding 2

Only an average number of antibodies, ignore the uniformity of antibody, in fact, the disease is inhaborated in the inflammation, and the low-resistance level is easy to infect infection, part After the chicken is hairstically, the condition is gradually spread, eventually leading to the disease.

Misunderstanding three

Excessive vaccine prices, only pay attention to control of immunization costs, in fact, commodity egg hooks, only about 1% of total cost, even using low-priced products, and How much can you save?

Selecting a valid product, combined with antibody detection, scientific immunity is the way to control costs, and the product that can solve the problem is the cheapest product, and the solution can solve the problem is the lowest cost program.

Misunderstand 4

The first-free vaccine using different strains in seconds, bis free and re-immunization, always believes that several poison protection rates will be better, in fact, antibodies need to be repeated immunization Significantly increased.

For example, our child is inoculated with hepatitis B vaccine, then use the same vaccine to repeat immunity after a month and six months, can produce effective antibodies.

Most people believe that temperature high viral diseases no longer occur, so many people relax in summer vaccine immunity, found through a large number of laboratory data analysis, summer viral diseases still Popular, just is light than the winter spring season.

If the summer does not pay attention to the refill, the level of antibody in the chicken is low, strengthening the thermal stress, the chicken is inadequate, nutrients, after the autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is increased, viral disease FollowPopular, this is both a high cause of autumn and winter disease, so immunization in summer is not relaxed. Veterinary Drug Feed Network

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