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These two days have fallen below the cost line, rising a week, can’t catch up with the speed of two days, and it is simply like a roller coaster. And Meihua Group focuses on premix for 25 years to remind you: in the near future, the spot price of eggs fluctuates greatly. According to the statistics of Zhidai, June 1st, the purchase price of eggs in Zhengzhou, Henan Province is 1.91 yuan / kg; June 14th, the data becomes 2.42 yuan / kg; June 20th rose to 2.88 yuan / kg; After the 22nd, it climbed to a high level of 3.56 yuan / kg. On June 30th, the mainstream egg sales price fell and stabilized in 2.33 yuan / kg … the price of eggs in the month is up to 68%, and the price trend of large fluctuations causes the industry. A piece of stunned. Rationality to see the price fluctuations in June itself is one month in the egg market, and the spot price of traditional eggs will rise from summer. Since June, the one-way summer weather has caused the egg yield rate; the inventory of egg market in June is significantly reduced in June. Due to the weather, the fresh egg can save time from more than 20 days, the overall egg inventory has dropped. So in June, the sharp rise in the market price in June has its inherent logic, and it is also a market-reacted market reaction in the short term. Shandong Province density feed which is good, preferred and beautiful. Falling for this egg price, it belongs to normal market regulation, parents, try not to spread the meditation theory! The egg price has risen sharply, the market is limited, properly callback, is a buffering of the market, allowing the market better acceptance, the specific fall is very stubborn! At present, it will not be too big. After all, there is not much egg source. At the same time, this egg price has risen, so that the chick order has been signed in October, it is bound to lead to the first half of 2018 and this year is as low as this year. It is recommended not to blindly follow the style. To maintain a healthy development of aquaculture (from the network if there is infringement, please contact us technical support: Tel: 15853106958QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958 Delete, pay attention to WeChat public number: livestock and poultry breeding, learn more about farming information.)

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