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The lamb is not enough, what is it? Headache, milk, baby, milk, milk powder, feeding sheep …

is now simple and suitable method:

1, use rice cooker steamed noodles to cook, leave a half bowl rice plus water when you eat 5 bowls; 2, there are gumble, old pumpkins, contain vitamins, sweet things chopped to add the rice soup, thick, let it cool;
3, use the stockings set to filter in the bottle, find only Milk sheep extruded 20 ml of goat milk to join;
4, shake, feed it!
It must be noted that the milk is not enough after 5 days of the lamb birth, and the yeast can be used for two days, and the stomach is also! Save money, convenient, affordable, as long as there is time, feed the double full moon also wood problem, ten pounds rice solve the problem!
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