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Recently, some breeding friends feedback, saying that the pig farm pigs look very normal, how suddenly, suddenly, suddenly falling casualties, and simply introduce several common emergency treatment methods.

First, Miltose Law

This method is mainly suitable for encephalitis caused by acute edema, Streptococcus, etc., and suddenly fell to the ground, and many methods have been used. Muscle injection is very low. Finally, the practice proves that pushing sugar cure rate is high.

Specific operation:

Give the pig only vein push a large dose of high sugar (50% glucose), which can be appropriately matched with a clear, sulfadia, penicillin potassium or ceftrialon Sodium, etc.
Second, it should be excited

In recent years, lean varieties of pigs are more popular, but their varieties have a significant difference in resistance than local mobility. .

It is prone to sudden stress in some turps, driving, injection, etc., and improper operation is very casualties. The clinical is injecting adrenaline, VC, ground and other drugs, or the effect of cold water is not as fast as a blood breeze. Status should only avoid contact with other pigs to avoid aggravation.

Operation method:

Picking the veins on the pig’s ear or even scratch the ear part, or the tip of the tip, the tip of the tail.

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Third, the diarrhea liquid

According to the clinical practice, it will be casualties in general dehydration of the pigs, especially the piglets in the pigs. Timely replenishment can alleviate dehydration and reduce casualties.

Methods of hydraulic fluids are like oral tonic salts, abdominal fluids, and intravenous administration.

4, fake piglets

The sow often occurs in the production process of the individual production, too long umbilical tape, has a heartbeat, but not normalSuck, how to treat it quickly when he will be treated in time.

There are many ways to treat porcine treatment. The method for clinical comparison: cleaning the mouth nose mucus

Blowing and sucking piglets using a tip or pump; or lift the legs ; Or hold the head neck in one hand, hold the hind leg, repeatedly squeezed the abdomen.

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