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The first “young ruminant” International Seminar – Physiology and Cultivation Technology
Ji Mountain Science and Technology Conference “Key Scientific Problem and Practice Application of Early Culture of Young Ruminants”

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The development of young animals directly affect its immune function and adult Production and reproductive performance. In my country’s cattle and sheep industry chain, there is a small research investment in early nutrition and health, the lack of in-depth theoretical research of physiological and nutrients at different stages, and has a relatively lag of feeding management technologies, and the development and application of new feed and feed additives. The nutritional regulation of nutrient regulation and the nutrient genetic pathway of the adulthood is unknown, affecting the development of Chinese herd in herd of herd. In-depth research on the above issues will enhance the scientific and technological content of my country’s animal husbandry and feed industries, and promote the industry to high-tech and modernization. In order to promote the development of discipline, build a bridge between domestic and foreign peers exchanges and learning, and the special funds for the national foreign special offices and the Ministry of Science and Technology will be held in Beijing, which will be held in Beijing: 1, first International Seminar of “Young Ruminants” – Physiology and Cultivation Technology, October 28-30, 2016. 2, Xiangshan Science and Technology Conference “Key scientific issues and practical applications of early cultivation of young retrin animals” is scheduled to be held on October 29-31, 2016. The main content of the meeting: inviting well-known experts at home and abroad to conduct a special report on the current hot problems in the early nutrition and health technology in the current young ruminants, conduct academic exchanges and discussions. The central topic includes: young ruminants (including cows, beef cattle, yak and buffalo; goats and lambs of goats), the key issues and research progress of young ruminants nutritional metabolic system. The specific circumstances of the two meetings are notified as follows: 1. The first “young ruminant” International Seminar – Physiology and Culture Technology The 1st International Symposium On Young Ruminant (Isyr) -physiology and RearING Strategies1, Organizer: Range of Physiology and Nutrition of Feed Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Physiology and Nutrition, United States, Pennsylvania, China, British Agricultural Food and Biological Science Research Institute Room Association: China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society Animal Nutrition Branch Ruminant Nutrition Committee Sponsor: Recruitment Site: Beijing Precision Animal Nutrition Research Center 2. Chairman of the Organizing Committee: 其 玉 (中国 农); Liu Jianxin (Zhejiang University ); Otto Kauffman (Germany); Kevin Harvatine (Pennsylvania University); Tianhai Yan (Research Institute of UK Agriculture); Lu Yongqiang (Dairy Industrial Technology System Beijing Innovation Team). Organizing Committee: Deputy Secretary General: Deputy Secretary-General of the Fu Yan (China Agricultural Sciences Feed Research Institute): Jianglin Tree (Beijing Agricultural University) 3. Professor Yves Boisclair in the United States of Pennsylvania State University, USA (USA) YVES Boisclair University of Nare, Otto Kauffman (University of Humboldt, Germany) TIANHAI Yan, UK Agricultural Food & Bioplastic Science, Professor James Quigley (American Jiaji Company) Jin Xianyi (Korea Dairy Cows) Liu Jianxin (Zhejiang University) Li Shengli Professor (China Agricultural University), Professor Meng Qingxiang (China Agricultural University), Professor Li Jiyun (Nanjing Agricultural University) Professor Li Jianguo (Lanzhou University) (Hebei Agricultural University) Liu Shujie (Qinghai Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Academy, Yak Yak Cow Culture Expert) Cao Zhijun Associate Professor (China Agricultural University) Professor Zou Caixia (Guangxi University, Buffalo Yak Culture Expert) … 4 And Requirements 1 Essay Content: The key issues and research progress of young ruminants and behavioral health and their nutritional regulation of young ruminant nutritional metabolic system 2 invitation reports are approved by the Organizing Committee. The document must be written by computer Word, English writing. Format According to Journal of Animal Science and BIOTECHNOLOGY ( requires. 3 English abstracts Must use computer Word typography, formats include topics, authors, units, and addresses, introductions, and purposes, materials and methods, main results and conclusions. 4 Essay Deadline: Please send it to isyr_caas @ before August 15, 2016. 6, Participation “1 Registration Mode [URL = Mailto:% E8% AF% B7% E5% 8F% 82% E4% BC% 9A% E4% BB% A3% E8% A1% A8% E5% 8A% A1% E5% BF% 85% E4% BA% 8E2016% E5% B9% B49% E6% 9C% 8830% E6% 97% A5% E5% 89% 8D% E5% B0% 86% E4% BC% 9A% E8%] Please take the representative to September 30, 2016 Send the meeting receipt to [/ url]. Accommodation can be arranged by a meeting group, and the cost is self-care. 2 The conference fee is 1500 yuan / person, and the students are 1,000 yuan / person. Please refrain from the remittance method: Account Name: Beijing Accurate Animal Nutrition Research Center Account: 110060435012015115936 Bank: Bank of Communications Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences encourages the representative of the representatives to register in advance, send money before September 15, the preferential price is 1100 yuan / People, students 700 yuan / person; before October 15th, the discount price is 1400 yuan / person, the students are 900 yuan / person. 7. Sponsors invite special sponsored units (100,000): Enjoy the following sponsorship Terms 1 free of sponsoring 10 people registration fees and meals during the meeting; 2 portable data bag cover (single side, first come first served); 3 Representative ID; 4 Congress’s main background and all conference publishing publications on the publication; 5 Paper propaganda information unified bags. Sponsorship (50,000): You can enjoy the following sponsorship Terms 1 free of sponsoring the 5-person registration fee and meal during the meeting; 2 portable data bag cover (single side, first come first served); 3 represent the certificate advertisement; 4 conference Main backgroundThe title of the board and all conference publishing publications; 5 Paper propaganda information unified bags. – Other things can be discussed separately. Special note: The above propaganda project is only used as a reference, and the promotion project can be increased, eventually regulated by actual business. 8, contact information 1 Member of the meeting group: Heat, telephone 010-82106090; Zhang Naifeng, telephone 010-62166878; Ma Tao, telephone 010-62169105; Dong Lufeng, telephone 010-82106090. Conference special email: 2 meeting group communication address: No. 12, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China Agricultural Sciences Feed Research Institute, 100081

Second, Xiangshan Science and Technology Conference “Key Science in the early cultivation of young ruminants Problem and Practice Application “Academic Seminar Key Scientific Issues and Practical Applications In Ruminant Youngstock Rearing Program Inn Things to start by the Ministry of Science and Technology, jointly supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 1993, successively Fund Board, Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering, Ministry of Education, PLA General Equipment, formerly National Defense Science and Technology Industry Council, China Science and Technology Association, National Health and Family Planning Commission and Ministry of Agriculture and other departments. The purpose of Xiangshan Science Conference is to create a loose academic communication environment, carry forward the academic democracy, facing the forefront of the science, facing the future, promoting the integration of discipline, promoting overall comprehensive research, enlightening innovation thinking, promoting knowledge innovation. The meeting focused on: exploring the forefront of the scientific frontier, looking forward to future development trends, discussing the latest breakthrough progress, exchanges new academic thinking and new methods, analyzing new disciplines, and new issues. The Xiangshan Conference has become the top meeting of my country’s science and technology community, and the report requires the latest information to cover the latest information, grasp the latest trends, and publish new insights. At the same time, encouragement to question the original theory, advocating different opinions, and puts forward the original thinking and opinion. In this field, I got the opportunity to organize the first phase of Xiangshan Science Conference. It is now widely collected from the relevant field of researchers, and the details are as follows: 1. Preparation of the Chairman of the Conference: 其 玉(China Agricultural Sciences Feed Research Institute) Executive President: 其 玉, Liu Jianxin … 2, the meeting scheduled conference Depending time: October 29-31, 2016, report. If there is any change, it will be announced in time. Venue: Beijing Xiangshan Hotel. 4. The parental ruminant body and behavioral health and its nutritional regulation; key issues and research progress of young ruminant nutritional metabolic system. 5. Conference invitation experts and meeting reports According to the Xiangshan Science Conference, the number of experts and reports are now incurred to the number of experts and reports, the limit is as follows: Participants generally should generally have senior professional titles at home and abroad, Something of academic accumulation; Participants should prepare for the meeting (about 30min) or the meeting statement (5 ~ 10min); the meeting report meets the central issue, and should be prepared for the International Highness for Xiangshan Science Conference, not published in the publication Over or have been read in other academic conferences; the organizing committee will issue a certificate from the experts who have selected and participating in this meeting. 6. Participation No. 1 Registration method Please trial on behalf of the representative to send the meeting receipt to before July 15, 2016, and labeled the “Xiangshan Conference” in the Mail Topic. The selected domestic experts have issued an invitation by the Xiangshan Science Conference Office, followed by registration on the meeting website (, submitted to the receipt; foreign experts sent English by the Executive Chair of the General Assembly invite. 2 The conference cost is selected by the selected participation, accommodation is borne by the Xiangshan Science Conference. 7. Contact information 1 Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary: Head, Phone 010-82106090; Zhang Naifeng, Phone 010-62166878; Ma Tao, Telephone 010-62169105; Dong Lufeng, Phone 010-82106090. The conference dedicated Email:, please mark the words “Xiangshan Conference”. 2 Secretary Group Information Address No. 12, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China Agricultural Sciences Feed Research Institute, 100081.
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