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Motherlf’s preferred plan
One, the big one does not stay, that is, the big ever, not adjusting nutrition, difficult to wait, income;

Second, touch the belly, there is a big hard, general liver is not good, it is very easy to die, it is best not to stay;

Third, 眼, the liver and bile function is not good, digestive absorption is not Ok, it is easy to have a weak, it is best not to stay;

Fourth, this year has not been left, especially the motherhood is too good, the birth of the breast, there is no longer, this kind of mother beast It is very likely that there is a typhid;

5. If you don’t leave, you can’t add it, you can’t add nutrients. The milk is not in trouble;

Six, the head is small, the gene degradation If you don’t have a good noodle, become a local fox, the value is low;

Seven, the mother is not good or good (the old hold, do not let go, kill the morning and evening), especially food Do not stay;

Eight, the eyes are not afraid, this kind of mother fox is not good, there is no good cub, the early skin is best;

Nine, the birth is late Don’t stay, it is not well developed, not estrus, and lives.

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