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Chickens are a common meter parasite, mainly parasitic on the feathers and skin of chicken. The chicken belongs to a permanent parasite, and all the history of life is on the chicken body. Available in four seasons in the year, especially the high temperature season is the high-risk period of the chin, and the breeding is 25 ° C, and it can reproduce a generation every 6 days; people, livestock, poultry (especially the chicken farm for many years. Egg hooks, seed chickens, etc.) are easy to infectiate. They seriously affect the growth and development and production performance of chickens. Light people lead to the growth of chickens, and the egg chickens have been reduced or completely discontinued;
Treatment of symptoms
Disease chicken feather falls off, skin damage, mental disappointment, weight loss, weight loss and anemia, chicken hair, chick growth, and the egg shell is decreased, and the quality of the egg shell is deteriorated. There is a large number of scorpions in chicken body tables, walls, terrestrials, and feed tanks, even when feeding feeds, will climb the hands, feet, face bite skin, make people feel uncomfortable.

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