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The main disease of the breeding of water
1, the canine swindler can happen in four seasons for a year, and it is mostly due to chronic and hidden. The virus passes through the respiratory or digestive tract, invading the pharyngeal lymourmine and tonsils, circulating blood vessel endothelium during blood flow, causing the body to heat and spirituality. Starting from the 7th day of infection, the virus breeds in the epithelial cells of gastrointestinal, liver, spleen and urinary germplasm. Canine distemper virus acts on the pregnancy mink house, causing abortion.
2, fine viral sorghum infuritis is highly exposed to high contact acute infectious diseases caused by water-filled viruses, which occurs in reproductive periods, places place or dispersed, horizontally infected, and vertically. That is to say, the mother is infected, and the infected mother can pass through the placenta to give the fetus, causing abortion, dead tires, mummy, water tires, and weaknesses.
3, Ai Li Shen’s disease, Ai Li Shen disease, also known as the putrocyte increased, is a chronic infectious disease caused by Ashioshen virus. The minks of various ages, genders, and varieties can be infected, and the Ashioshen virus is more harmful to the adult, especially the mother, and the sick end is ended.
The propagation method includes horizontal and vertical. The null semen can be poisoned, and the disease can pass mating, causing the reproductive tract infection of the mother, and then passes the virus to the fetus through vertical dissemination, in the first two weeks of pregnant mother貂, there are almost all infected in the future, most chronic infected bones can’t pregnancy, or abortion or fetus is absorbed.
The diseased male, sexual desire, decrease in breeding, or mating incompetent, dead essence, less almost or deformity. The mother is not estrus, empty, infertate, or pregnant abortion and the fetus are absorbed. The careful, weak, weak, and easy to die, and died in 24-48 hours after childbirth.
4, Kathnen disease disease is originally vagina Gardini, different age, variety and gender-infected infection, but usually the bisquey infection rate is significantly higher than that of male. The soda is the main infection source, mainly through mating, trauma infection. Pregnancy is infected to spread directly to the fetus.
Highlighting the clinical symptoms is abortion in a full number of abortion and abortion in the early stage of pregnancy and the fetus of pregnancy. Before the abortion, the mother and beasts discharge a small amount of polres from the shade, and some cases occur. In 1-2 days after abortion, the mother spandy temperature increased by 0.5-1 ° C,Spiritual loss, loss of appetite. The male uurizer often occurs in breeding.
5, Salmonella Subper Feed Most of the poultry eggs, meat and liver, intestines, etc. From the eliminated poultry, there is a strong Salmonella, which is strong in the poultry, which is contaminated by Salmonella. Feeds, feeding often infected with mink infection while feeding or cooking.
When the mink is popular in breeding and pregnancy, it causes a large number of empty and abortion, and the empty rate is 14% -20%. The mudial is as high as 20% -22% of the mobil. Most sick abortion in late pregnancy.
6, “White Nose Diseases” moon’s black nose has a red dot, the area is gradually expanding, and the whole nose head is red, and after gradually occurs, the last nose is all whitening. The paw gradually grows, whitening, and the foot pad also makes white, thickened. The study found that “white nose” disease is mainly due to the comprehensive nutritional metabolic disorder caused by nutrition metabolism.
“White Nose Diseases” performance in animal breeding is:
Due to the case of a large proportion of emotions, it caused a large proportion of leakage: When the estrus, there is always a obvious symptom of estrus until it has passed the estrus. There is also no obvious estrus symptoms; or continuous estrus, it is not allowed to breed, this situation is large. Early embryo was absorbed and calcified. After the breeding, the stomach of the mother is increased, but soon gradually shrinks, the embryo is absorbed, calcified. In the middle of the pregnancy caused a large proportion of abortion and dead tires. The end of the pregnancy is rapidly absorbed. Generally 40 days after pregnancy, the original belly, only two or three days, it is shrinking, when you get a green, you can produce two or three, some are not produced. Precautions are abnormal.
Dead, there is very much, small and white, powder white, white, starting in two or three days after childbirth, it is generally died in more than 20 days after childbirth. A very small number of survival is also small, and it is stunned.
7. Poisonous yellow bells toxin poisoning: The mink is very sensitive to the yellowlaxin, and the yellow guisoxin can also pass the placenta or milk to the dirty death, even the mother mort.
river fish poisoning: puffer fish, cycle of Qinghai yellow fish, newly captured paste and some fish eggs, causing poisoning in the late pregnancy, causing pregnancy interruption, dead tires, rotten phenomenon.
Sulfonamide drug poisoning: sulfonamide drugs such as entering the fetus,It can cause death abortion. For example, New Nonoming (SMZ) is large to embryonic toxicity, and can cause death abortion to embryos through placental barriers.
Furthermore, other poisoning can cause a lot of losses in the breeding of mink.
8. Vitamin lacks vitamin A: male and nervous to reduce, sperm and egg loss, causing empty, dead, abortion or weak tires.
The lack of vitamin E: mainly destroying the breeding function, the mother stalk is delayed, the infertility and empty number increases, the dead or abortion, and the spirit is sour. The male expressive machine is lost, the quality of semen is decreased, and the sperm generates functional disorder.
Lack of vitamin B1: During the breeding period, the sexual organ dysplasia, the seeds lost normal fertility, and the bonist is high. The pregnancy lack of vitamin B1, the newly-daughter dysplasia is expressed as exudative bleeding and head edema, and when severe lack, the embryonic death is caused.
The lack of vitamin B6: the empty empty rate and the mobiliary mortality increase, the male 貂 无 无 精 精, the sexual function disappears, the testicles are significantly reduced and evaporated.
Lack of niacin: bonity performance cycle disorders, unsatisfactory or empty rate, increased dead stones in the second half of the pregnancy, male stones, male stones, no sperm or sexual machine loss.
lack of biotin: lack before the mother is estrus, performance is mating, but the pregnancy or reproductiveness is lowered, the pregnancy is lacking, the birth of the born feet is edema, the murry, the mother is poor, not to give the beast breast-feeding.
Lack of vitamin B12: Embryo death, newborn teenage death increases, addega and self-biting phenomenon increase.

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