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Dog-like diseases are an effective way to seriously have serious difficulty in bodies, endangering life. Mainly suitable for too long in pregnancy, uterine contraction weakness, excessive fetus, fetal gas and swelling or edema, fetal malformation, fetal position is not positive, dead fetus, pelvic stenosis and uterine torsion, etc.

1 Baoding

The Baoding method has a side, supine, and Baoding must be indeed, must be anesthetized to ensure smooth operation.

Generally, a new drug anesthesia is used, the effect is better, and its common amount of hybrid dog O. 08ml / kg, purebred dog O. 04mljkg, but the condition can not be worn in anesthesia when the condition is severe, and the drug is inhibiting the animal’s cardiovascular and respiratory function, which will cause poor consequences, so it should be local anesthesia.
2 Surgery

The operation should be shaved, first disinfected with 2% iodine, and then disinfected with 70% alcohol.
3 Common cutting position

(1) Side lying: under the abdomen line, the second nipple above the second nipple; (2) supine: the abdominal wall is extended from the umbilical portion, The cutting of the two determines the length of the slit based on the size of the fetus and how much. Generally approximately 10 cm.


4.1 Hand holding the surgery knife to cut the skin in turn, separation of muscles blunt, pay attention to bleeding, can be applied with gauze, if you encounter multiple bleeding, use hemostasis clamp With the blood vessel break, the blood vessel is ligated by suture, then remove the peritoneal cut with the hemostasis clamp, and then remove one side of the uterus angle from the abdominal cavity, then remove the other side of the uterus, and the assistant should be lightly in the female belly. Suddenly taken out of the prevention, so that the blood in the female body is backlifting the abdomen, causing insufficient blood supply, ischemia, and adverse consequences. (Because the fetus is in the mother, the female abdomen is swindled, and the abdominal pressure is increased. Once the fetus is taken out, it will cause the abdomen to be short-lived, causing blood to return to the abdominal cavity.) The gorge pads of the warmth of hydraulic saline are surrounded around the gauze. The uterus is isolated from the incision to prevent amniotic fluid and blood from entering the abdominal cavity, causing infection. As amniotic fluid and blood enters the abdominal cavity, apply a clean gauze to suck dry, then put the appropriate amount of gentamicin. The uterus is generally selected on the back side of the uterus, and the longitudinally cut along the uterus, facilitates the fetus on both sides, such as the uterus exposes not completely in the hometown, can also be in the uterus and fetus. Handwise, cut the day size to take out the fetus.

4.2 When the fetus takes out the fetus, seize its pre-organ, be careful to take out, quickly pulling the fetus, remove the juice, the mucosa in the nasal, is from the fetal abdominal wall 2 ~ 3EM is used to clip the umbilical cord in the umbilical cord with a hemostatic pliers and dry the pups with a clean towel. If the mother dog is newly made new anesthesia, apply a snorkeling to a drip in the kidney nose, and then break the umbilical end to pull the umbilical side to remove the placenta, and take out the fetus and placenta in the manus one by one. Carefully check that there is no donor and placenta in the uterus, there is a closed uterine incision. At the same time, plain gentamicin is placed in the fertile body, to promote anti-inflammation, and urges uterine muscle contraction. When closed the uterus, clamping the uterine cutting mouth with intestinal clamp, the uterine muscle layer, the serial layer is continuously sutured, and the intestinal tube is turned into the uterine sewing. (Note When the suture of the uterus, use a small round needle.) Sewing the uterus after sewing the uterus, uses the temperature and sterilized salt water to clean the uterus, remove the gauze, put the uterus back to the abdomen

cavity, and conventional The knife is sutured. Stitch the peritoneal, muscle layer with a round needle, and sew sewed the skin with a triangular needle.
5 Postoperative treatment

Clean breast and peripheral foreign matter, such as the new full body anesthesia, apply 1: i. 5 of the wake up, after waking the mother dog, put the porn in the female dog, then use antibiotics, tires> tissue liquid, and the contracted uterine is used in 3 ~

5D. After surgery, reinforcement management, keep it clean, and remove the skin suture after 7 to 10 days. Rating
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