The main type of the big Dan dog

timg (2).jpg Any dog ​​variety, not only one member inside his family, and the dog’s dog will always have a few varieties, just like relatives, there is a blood relationship but also different. The big Dan dog is also the same. The main types of Dan Dog have the following types:

Black Great Dange:

    This big Dan dog has a hair hair Glossy black. It is a relatively common variety, but if its chest and toe appear, there is a defect.

  1. Blue Great Dudes: This is a pure steel blue dog, and some can also be seen in life. It is the same as the Black Great Dane, and if the chest and the toe appear in the white plaque, it is defective.
  2. Huang brown big Dan dog: This color of this dog is golden and black “mask”. Black should also appear in the eyeliner and eyebrows, sometimes appearing in the ears and tails. Deep golden yellow is always the best choice. Similarly, if the chest and the toe appear in the white plaque, the color is dark and dirty, these are defects.
  3. Haragle Great Dange:

  4. The fur is pure white, and has a black irregular color block, and the color block is evenly covered, the neck is preferably pure. It is worth noting that the black plaque of the dog should not be too large, and the box is wrapped in the body, and it can’t be too small, which is striped or spotted. Cloak Great Dange:
  5. Mainly white with black, like a black blanket to wrap the body. This big Dan dog has a black head, white tone, and the white band on the face can be, the whole neck is white, white chest, part or all white front and rear limbs, black tail, white tail.

  6. Tiger-spotted Great Dudes: This big Dan dog fur color is golden yellow, there is a short black horizontal strip. Black stripes are most ideal. This dog should be black in the eyelids, eyebrows, ear pointers and tails. Among them, if the dog body strips are too much or too, this is not ideal.
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