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First, the physical condition is not in place
Since the winter, the temperature is generally higher than in previous years, and the body can not reach estrus, that is, the physiological characteristics can not be received once, the physical function does not receive estrus. Go to the estrus command, naturally, you can’t estrine normal. If there is a certain degree of experience, they should know that from the feed supply to drug assistance, take measures to move, forcibly make the species to fall as soon as possible, after all, the estrus of the scorpion is only once a year, and only every year Before March 15, the number of estrus days was about 3 days. Otherwise, even after the estrus, due to physical and climate reasons.
Feed minus and reduced, estrus drugs should follow up, the drugs mentioned here are not hormonal stimulating drugs, but auxiliary drugs such as vitamin E. If there is no cultural experience, it is not possible to take measures to reduce the feed, a little drug to prevent it. Second, the incapacity of the feed is caused
Today, most of the farmers are mixed with full price mixed feed. The feed for this plant is convenient, the biggest benefit is that the scorpion grows fast, not easy Damage.
But this feed has added a variety of disease-free disease, long-term consumption, must have a destructive role in the function of the scorpion itself, which is not a problem for the skin of the leather heroes during the year, but The species is very different. The previous year, the author has done a household survey, feeding the breeding of the self-contained breeding, estrus and pregnancy rate can reach 95%, only 80% of the full price feed.
The author suggested that as long as the seed beast, from the beginning, it should feed the self-contained feed to facilitate long-term farming and population security. Of course, there is not much good remedies for the kind-of-style feeding of the full price. Third, the cause of the species
Some farming households have been self-supporting, and the seeds remain still, so, as long as they think the head is large, the skin is good, it is determined to be a kind and focused.
In fact, the remaining stamps and determination have more strict standards, and the genitals are not perfect, and the inner accessories are flawed or unable to mate. They are obviously unable to make a kind of feeding.
Second, it was scared during the feeding process, but the farmers did not know, when it was too frightened, estrus is basically lost. For such a species, it should be determined as a skin, and the skin is adeled when peeling the spring skin.

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