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In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture has taken measures, steadily promote the treatment of beast antibacterial drugs. The quality of the animal antibacterial products in my country has been greatly exceeded by year. The qualification rate of supervision is maintained at more than 95%, and the residual qualification rate of livestock and poultry products Keep it over 97%.
One is to regulate the research and development, production and operation of the beast. In the R & D link, it is promoted to implement the non-clinical study of veterinary drugs (veterinary drug GLP) and veterinary drug clinical trial quality management specifications (veterinary drug GCP), and standardize R & D activities. New veterinary drug registration is strictly followed by human use of important antibacterial drugs, which is easy to accumulate residual exceeding standard and easy to produce cross-resistance, and encourage new animal special antibacterial drugs. Production and operation links, enforce veterinary production quality management specifications (veterinary drugs GMP) and veterinary management standards (veterinary drug GSP), regulate veterinary drug production and operation activities, and ensure the quality of listed veterinary drugs.
The second is to implement the special rectification of the beast antibacterial drug. Since 2011, special rectification work has been carried out for five-year action plan in 2015; since July 2016, since the State Council’s Food Safety Office, the United Ministration of WIT, the Ministry of Health has focused on rectification of veterinary drug residual exceeding the standard A one-and-a-half special event is being carried out, and it has achieved phased results. In 2016, the veterinary departments at all levels were dispatched by 25.79 million law enforcement personnel. Supervised and inspecting 163,900 production enterprises and use units, investing 2476 illegal cases, destroying the counterfeit and beasts with antibacterial drugs, a total of 26.31 tons, revoked veterinary drugs There are 6 production licenses, 132 vulnerable licenses, divided into two batchs of 32 veterinary drug products approved by 32 veterinary drug production enterprises, ban 125 unlicensed business units, and transfer 4 cases of public security organs.
The third is to strengthen the surveillance of veterinary drug residues and animal bacteria resistance. Organize the implementation of “Animal and Animal Products Veterinary Medicine Residues Monitoring Program”, testing samples covering major livestock products such as pork, eggs, milk, and testing 14 of 70 drug residues. Organize the “animal bacterial resistance monitoring plan”, monitor the 5 major bacteria of animal breeding fields such as live pigs, poultry, cows on the drug resistance of 16 kinds of beast antibacterial drugs. The organization revised the “maximum residual limit standard for veterinary drugs”, and 2087 residual limited standards have been developed for 290 veterinary drugs, including all of the beast antibacterial drugs that have been approved, their limited standards and international organizationsThe standards of developed countries in Europe and the United States are basically consistent.
The fourth is to strengthen the risk assessment of the beast antibacterial drugs. Actively participate in the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Animal Health Organization (OIE), United Nations International Organizations such as FAO to respond to bacterial resistance. Refer to relevant international standards, organize the risk assessment and exit work of the beast antibacterial drugs in a timely manner. 2015 issued an announcement to prohibit 4 of 4 kinds of human beings shared by Luomin, Turoxia, oxygenofloxacin, norfloxacin, etc. For food animals; 2016 release announcement prohibited sulfate premix Promoted in animals. These initiatives have won extensive affirmation in the international community and industry.
The five is to regulate the use of antibacterial antibacterial drugs in a farming link. Organization has issued a list of disabled drugs, latty, drug feed additives, etc. Print “Veterinary Drug Safety Medicine Knowledge 500” Question “” Antibacterial Safety Use Knowledge Q & A “” Veterinary Drug Tracked Knowledge Q & A “” Veterinary Drug Real Doctors Trucks and Safe Handbook “and other science materials. The selection released two batch of animal prescription drug species catalog, involving 248 products in 9 categories, including 167 antibacterial drugs, accounting for 67.3% of all catalog products, strengthening the technical guidance of practicing veterinarians against anti-bacterial drugs, regulating the use of veterinary drugs .
Next, the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to adhere to the problem-oriented and target-oriented, fully carry out comprehensive management of the beast antibacterial drugs, implement important violent antibacterial drugs and drug feed additive risk assessments, clear timetable, road map, timely elimination risk Hidden breeds, establish and improve the use of anti-vetration antibacterial applications and monitoring networks and bacterial drug resistance monitoring networks, formulating “Guidelines for the Clinical Use of Beast Anti-Antibacterial Pharmacy”, further standardizing the use of antibacterial antibacterial drugs.

Vigorously implement the ecological family pasture, herders’ cooperative model, encourage a certain farming foundation and experience, high-quality farmers, to create an ecological family ranch and professional cooperatives, so as to expand the scale, improve standards, and play Radiation drive. Implementation of standardized management, promoting development, will plan to integrate 30 cooperatives this year to cultivate 100 ecological family pastures.

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