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China is a big country in the fisheries, and is one of the oldest in history. In 2015, the national water products reached 66.999 million tons, the rapid development of fisheries, in order to protect the national food safety, promote agricultural fishermen’s income and economic and social development. Important contribution. In recent years, my country’s fishery development focus is transferred from traditional “fishing” to “large-scale breeding” to promote a huge change in the aquaculture industry. From the perspective of the development of world fishery, China has become the largest country in the world’s aquaculture, and the production of aquaculture accounts for about 80% of world farmed production.

Traditional farming mode due to the low degree of normalization, simple farming mode, high water waste, serious pollution, etc. Seawater box fish has developed rapidly in more than ten years, has become the main production method of seawater fish farming, but the small network box anticore capacity is poor, only concentrated in a low wind and waves, and the water flow is slow, resulting in aquaculture density. Evergreen, the water quality of near sea is deteriorated, so that the disease is frequent.

With the implementation of the National New “Environmental Protection Law, the government’s requirements for farmers are more” strict “, and the amount of corporate penalties and amounts of corporate penalties for water pollution are also increasing. In this case, the development of factory fishing model is developed, and the aquaculture water is circulated, achieving high collection, high-density fishing has become the necessary path of all breeding enterprises.
The circulating water farming model has great advantages over traditional farming, but it is still facing many problems in its development and promotion. Domestic circulating water equipment is relatively foreign leading technology, there is generally in short service life, low energy cost of processing efficiency, corporate and farmers have knowledge of professional water treatment such as overall circulating water system design, biochemical technology, equipment commissioning. And the actual capacity is weak, so most of the circulating aquaculture companies are in slow development and even in the pause.

The circulating water breeding system is both a complex system engineering and a contradictory complex. Therefore, there is no more perfect, suitable for circulating aquaculture system for all breeding varieties, as long as it is not There are obvious design vulnerabilities, many of the problems encountered during the operation of the system, can be solved by system management techniques and farming techniques.

At present, the domestic circulating water breeding industry is in high speed.During the exhibition, in the next few years, its development direction and expectations are as follows: The stability of the water treatment system is strengthened, and the facilities and equipment realizes industrial production, and partially reaches foreign leading and advanced levels; industrial circulating water farming The system accurate management technology standard, the production system is basically established; the production application scope of industrialized circulating water farming system is expanding; the circulating water seedling system is promoted in production; the promotion and application of industrialized circulating water breeding system is no longer relying on government and scientific personnel. Promote, and become a spontaneous demand for breeding companies. The circulating water farming model will become a new normal of aquaculture industry.

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