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During the chicken process, the chicken feet will not have the same situation, of course, According to the situation of chicken, it is absolutely absolute that “adenitis, mucomotitis” is considered to be “adenitis, mucomotitis” in a condition of the chicken.

Below with everyone to share some of the factors that are not with the sky, maybe not completely conclude what is disease, but can also guide you a big direction:

1, chicken seedlings

Chicken Salmonella, Escherichia coli infection. Such a chicken is not a spirit, and you can see the old chicken households. This batch of chicken seedlings are not good. This requires you to eliminate weak bullies in time. At this time, there is always one day, it will die, you will lose, you have lost.
2, feeding management issues

The temperature of the seedlings is too low or the fluctuation is too large, and the chicken is wet. The temperature is too low to cause the chicken, and the humidity is too extremely easy to cause white and white, coccidi, and the temperature difference will also make the “big belly disease” will affect the feeding. Of course, this reason has been more than 10 days, because the temperature during the pre-breeding period is high, the humidity is also large, and the posture needs to slowly adjust, gradually decrease, due to many nursed homes, the temperature, humidity is not adjusted, causing the chicken to drink water Normal, thereby causing the occurrence of chicken disease.

Strictly control temperature, preferably more than 2 degrees, and the pre-seeding 55-65 is good

3. Feed problem

Feed is a more common and not easy to solve problems, on the one hand, the mold toxin causes the liver, kidney, pancreatic necrosis, muscle stomach horny membrane erosion gland, intestine Mucosa injury, intestinal flora, indigestion, diarrhea; on the other hand, chicken immunosuppression, so that other pathogens are secondary infections, especially variability, new city disease, E. coli, etc. Secondary infection.

This problem is common, because the feed is good, it is definitely the key to determining the key to the success of your chickens. If the feed is problematic,Your technology is good, then carefully, the chicken is not good, and the chicken is more, the chicken has weak disease, often medication, and there will often be a problem. Misunderstanding: Many nursed beefs feel that their material is a large factory, there is no problem, it is wrong.

4, drinking water problem

The water is not clean, the water temperature is too low, the water supply or water level can result in indigestion, and diarrhea. I don’t have to say more, or then remind you that the chicken friend should pay more attention to their own water sanitation, some of the batch of chickens are not cleared, and the chicken is stashed, and the ratio is high.

5. Intestinal syndrome

Intestinal syndrome is a polyficial enteritis syndrome caused by coccidi and some viruses, bacterial mixed infections, plus other induced factors. . Clinical retros, une digested feed in diarrhea and feces, the descendant decline, slow growth, weight loss, dehydration and feed reward.

6, viral infection

, such as H9, variant branch, etc., causing decline, indigestion, even if the cure seasoning is required Long process.

7, stress reaction

There is a weight-free cause of harmful factors during early feeding process, such as receiving the chick, expanding, immunization, replacement, density Large stress reactions can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, flora disorders, which in turn affect normal digestive function of gastrointestinal tract.

8, adenitis

The epidemics of adenitis are very common, it is very harmful, and there are a variety of viral diseases, and there are parasites. Incorcore, there are other factors such as low fiber feed.

No matter what reason, as long as it is a glandular inflammation, it will cause a decrease in chicken digestive function, and the amount of chicken is too low or long-term feeding is maintained at the same level without a group.

The agriculture of agro-agro-agro-agro-agro-aden, is made of effective ingredients extracted by hawthorn, malt, betel nut. Indications of gland inflammation, can be swollen and sedative, Jianweixi diet. Can be used to prevent prevention or treatment. A bag of 300 pounds of water, need to take four consecutive 4-5 days.

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