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In recent years, non-agricultural capital cross-border investment is hot, and the cultured condition is confusing, and there is an invisible to fluctuate in the livestock market. It is currently a dilemma faced by a breeding enterprise. It is also an opportunity. In terms of pig industry, the pig price has continued to fall last year, and many small and medium-sized pig farms have been serious. The aquaculture has entered a comprehensive shuffling stage. Many companies are facing tough choices. They are undergoing bottlenecks in production, environmental protection, marketing, funds, and talents, a batch of farms behind a batch of farming models. It is basically facing elimination. Health and high-efficiency breeding will become the largest gold mine in the past 30 years of livestock, and a big cake in China’s development history.
How far a breeding enterprise achieves health and efficient breeding, adapting to market demand and obtaining more government support? There are 3 points of our many farmers must understand:
1, the integration of platform resources We have to create Your business, only one person or lead the team. But truly develop and grow, and the entrepreneurous entrepreneurs are not like this. There is a saying “If resources integration optimization, people who have 1,000 resources and people with 100 resources are the same”, it is the same platform, and it is more advantageous platforms than him. Perform resource complementary upgrade. Ali and Evergrande embraces, Tencent and Jingdong Union, Wen Shi and COFCO have a living example.
2, the integration of technical strength is constantly exposed to new things, absorb innovative thinking and new technologies, learn from people that can not do, and give themselves high quality technology. Jinxin agricultural trough introduces biological feed to promote pig salad development; Longmen Dongying farms lend to the intersection of the full-speed nutrition system, break through the traditional feed bottleneck, and achieve 6 yuan low cost pig. These innovative thinking and technological breakthroughs in many production are strongly promoted the industry progress.
3, time-cost competition is not just the competition of the product, the competition of marketing, or the competition of resources. Early resource integration not only makes yourself grow rapid, but also saves the most irreplaceable resources – time. In such an industry, if you are still lateCombined resources, joint symbiosis, all the way to indulge in the “one person in battle”. Once the peers successfully configure the resource upgrade, I am afraid that the industry will not have a place where you belong to you.
Entrepreneurs must change their ideas, strong union, acquire complementarity between enterprises, optimize resource allocation, reduce production costs, improve labor productivity, and enhance market competitiveness. This is the only way to break through the breadth of breeding enterprises, expanding market share, and achieve new development! Ma Yun Wang Jianlin is all working, what are you waiting for?
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