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This year is in the fur market, the price of the water is downturn, the price is low, and it is difficult to sell skin.
From the year from 8 to September, it is the season of mink sales, but this year’s hormone skin is listed, the price is not ideal. After entering Xiaoxue and Snow, listed, the mature winter peel is listed, and the market is deteriorated. Most of the farmers are eager to sell leather, but the buyer is less, not only small pasters no longer string into the venue, the middle Also stop buying skin storage, the price is still lower than the same period last year.
This year’s mink market is sluggish cause:
First, the price of foreign countries is not high, and some foreign orders have more imported mink, which reduces domestic skin.
The second is that the Russian economy growth is slow, and the national purchasing power is much lower than the previous year. my country has decreased the sales of mink clothing in the Russian market. Third, last year, domestic mink clothing sales is not ideal, the factory inventory is large, most manufacturers this year stop the mink clothing processing, no longer buy the mink, wait and see this year’s mink clothing sales.
Looking at this year’s foreign and domestic markets, the sales of fur clothing is not very good, even if it is currently sold in the fur clothing sales, there is no significant improvement, and the implicated skin prices have fallen 10 yuan / piece than the previous period.
Currently, in the market, Tangshan and Shandong produced 160 ~ 170 yuan / Zhang, 100 ~ 110 yuan / Zhang, the mother’s female, the northeast, black bun, 200 ~ 210 yuan / Zhang, mother The price is 140 ~ 150 yuan / Zhang, and the short-hairy black tall is sold.
It is expected that it is difficult for this year’s winter mink clothing sales to make a good turn. Under the situation that is more than seeking, the leather should be at a low price. I don’t have to raise my skin and raise the soldiers. The price reduction of the sale will make the market worse, and after the market is better, then the machine is sold.

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