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After the completion of the order of the mink market, with the completion of the order, the market transaction now has a certain reduction, and the price has slightly fell.

The price of long-hairy bullets in the current market quality is around 150 yuan, the price of the mother is 70-80 yuan, the price of Middle and long Mei murder is around 170 yuan, the price of the mother is about 100 yuan. The price of Dalian’s local marties is about 230 yuan, the price of the mother is about 150 yuan, the imported domestic pure bostrum price is around 370 yuan, and the price of the mother is around 240 yuan. Overall, the price of mink prices has begun to rise slowly, but forced inventory is still relatively large, so the rebound is slow. It is expected that the overall trend of the mink is basically qualitatively, and the price will not fluctuate.
Baikiberie, the transaction of the crash market is not bad, part is that the costume factory is used, and the amount is not large, and the enthusiasm of the middle business is not high. The general quality male prices are 230-250 yuan, and the price of the mother is around 180 yuan. The prospect should be seen should be good. After all, there is a large part of the extension this year, the number of skin is not large. Recommended: Feed investment

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