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Avoid continuous blood. Some rabbits can make the rabbits in the phenomenon of rabbits, and there is a phenomenon of “a lot of rabbits and live rabbits”. The blood is suitable for rabbits, do not let the body weak rabbit, sick rabbit and old rabbit continuous blood, blood match 1 bed for half a month or after January
Two bunny bunny again. 2 family rabbits, hybrid, hybrid one generation, strong, strong disease, fast growth, but can no longer be used. Because the genetic properties of the hybrid bun are unstable, the proceeds will have a serious trait separation, and the feed remuneration will decrease.
three avoided immunization, disinfection is carried out in synchronization with administration. Some rabbits are used to disinfecting immediately after immunization. It is considered to completely eliminate pathogens, sometimes in order to prevent rabbits from responding to a large number of drugs, and the results affect the immunity effectiveness of the vaccine, eventually leading to the immunity of rabbits. Or immune failure.
Sadbee blindness. Some rabbits have lacking correct understandings in drug use, thinking more drugs can make the rabbits accelerate the speed of rehabilitation. There is a recovery period after the rabbit is sick, and there is no need to make it health as soon as possible.
Pentaxie over-reliance on feed additives. Some farmers have rabbits, not based on the rabbits, but the more additives, the better the additive, which not only increases the feed cost, but also the various additives may have antagonistic effects, not expected. Effect, some will happen.
Six flasks of feed feeding. Some rabbits are only feeding a feed from the head to the end, and the rabbit will eat less. The big rabbit is eaten. Some rabbits are simply feeding, so that the utilization rate of feed is greatly reduced, and the rabbit is growing slowly. Feed costs increase.

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