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It is affected by the recent sustained heavy rainfall, and there are superior water levels in the national rivers and reservoirs in the country. The country has entered the main flood season. The Yangtze River, the flood in the Taihu River Basin is still continuous, predicted that some rivers in the northern Jianghe may have floods in the future, and the flood control is grim. He is affected by this, recently, part of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, etc., some fish ponds, and some of the California rapetitang in the Tangtang is more serious. In order to reduce the loss of breeding, California’s Tong organizes the current flood period and the flooding of California’s pioneering management work, for the reference: 1. Waterfare management during the flooding period 1, timely repair, Tangli and various breeding facilities that are damaged by rain. Prevent escape; ponds with high water levels in the outer river, reduce the water level, and prevent the fish. 2. Due to the decrease in water temperature, the fish eat is reduced, and the feed feeding should be appropriately reduced to prevent waste of feed and prevent water. 3. Due to lack of light, it is easy to cause the pond hypoxic phenomenon, and the oxygenation machine should be increased to prevent the pond hydraulic hypoxic fish, and it is necessary to start 24 hours. 4. Strengthen feeding management and observe fish activities. The immune enhancer or vitamin C can be mixed in the feed, enhance the anti-disease and resistance of breeding animals. 5. Strengthen safety production management, especially electricity. Second, the cultured management of floods 1, timely floods, post-disaster treatment and post-disaster removal work, floods, dead fish, disease fish, pond, weed weeds to remove, prevent rot to pollute water, record the number, weight of death fish. 2, grasp the pond and various facilities submerged by floods, and quickly return to normal breeding production. 3, strengthen the pond water body disinfection, try to use a smaller disinfectant, such as iodine preparation, etc. Hair bacterial disease. 4, adjust the pond water quality, the water level is too high, should reduce the pond water level; use the right amount of gamptamer after the whole pool, to regulate the water quality; the pond of the pond, can apply biomeces, compound fertilizers, etc., keep the pond enough The algae; the pond is too high in water quality, there is too much organic matter content in the bottom of the pool. It is recommended to use microecological preparations, substrate modifiers, etc., use on sunny day, the oxygen generator must be opened to avoid hypoxia. 5. Observe, judgment, touch the amount of fish, and determine the amount of cultivation and reproduction of the seedling in time to determine the amount of cultivation and stocks. 6, strengthen summer pond management, steadily increase the amount of feed, and add VC, happiness 100, etc., and improve the aquaculture.Stress resistance. If a bacterial disease has occurred, scientific medication is required. 7. Prevent the pond hypoxia float, after the floods, due to the pool, the algae death, encounter a hot day, especially at night, and early morning, it is easy to cause an oxygen-deficient-in-chine pool, which should increase the boot time of the oxygen generator, if necessary Show the oxygency first aid.
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