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The regulation of the slimming situation before breeding of the branches
The physical condition of the breeding, the physical condition and the reproductive performance of the breeding performance, pretty fertilizer, and the slim is unfavorable. In March, in March, the fox breeding season, in order to improve the breeding rate, the regeneration of the breeding rate, the regulation of physical condition should be performed early.

1. Determination of hyperplasia, too thin physical condition
1. Over-fertilizer condition
(1) 水 貂: Weight: More than 2200 grams of male 貂, more than 1000 grams of biscuits. Signature: The chest is wide and the hip is large, and the abdomen is sagging when erect. When touching, you can’t touch the vertebrae, don’t move, and the action is slow.
(2) Fox: Weight: Mechani Black Fox more than 6000 to 7000 grams, female and black fox more than 5,500 ~ 6,500 grams. There are more than 5,500 ~ 6,500 grams of the blue fox, more than 5,000 to 6,000 grams of female. Signs: The body is thick, the post abdomen is obviously sag, the ankle is highlighted, the action is awkward, and the reaction is slow. Touch does not feel the spine and ribs.
2. Thirty-skinning
(1) 水 貂: The body is elongated, and the abdomen is tightened. Touch the spine calendar.
(2) Fox: body thinning, back rushed, abdominal depression. Touch the spine and ribs stand out.
3. Ideal physical condition
(1) 水 貂: Not fat is not thin, the body is evenly known. Muscle is full, strong. Abdominal plate flat when erect. Love activities, flexible movements.
(2) Fox: body type cylindrical, abdominal level, flexible action, sensitive response. Touch the spine and ribs with enrich muscles. Second, overfertile, the thirty physical condition, the harm of breeding
1. The harm of hyperplatylation
male 貂, the meaning of public cavity is weak, the sperm is weak, and the breeding ability is poor. The mother stalk, the eggs of the female fox, delayed estrus, low pregnancy, increased empty. In the late pregnancy, fetal development is uneven, easy to hair, postpartum lack of lack of milk or lack of milk
2. Too thin hazard
Male 貂, the glory variety ability, sexual excitement is not lasting. Female, female estrus is abnormal, and it is easy to hang in pregnancy after breeding.
Third, pretty fertilizer, the regulation of thin physical condition (2) Adjusting diet: reducing energy feed, reducing feed with high sugar content and high fatty amounts. (3) Increase exercise,Male exercise is large, and the amount of female exercise is small. (4) Reduce the gasket and increase the heat consumption.
2. Thin regulation adopts fertilizer measures: (1) increase the good feed, such as fresh lean meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc. (2) Enhance appetite, increase the amount of feeding, 1 to 2 aerosolic diet sheets per day. (3) Add 1 feeding every day and night. (4) Reduce the amount of exercise. (5) Increase the plast and reduce heat consumption. Scan the QR code below, more surprises waiting for you! ! !

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