The respiratory tract repeatedly on the breeding, why?

2, missed the best treatment, commonly used treatment of erythromycin, Tale bacteria, Thai macein, strong plain, tuberculous test …

3. Short medication cycle, the treatment standard is not true, so the respiratory disease is easily repeated, which will seriously lead to mycoplasma, infectious rhinitis, and airbagitis.

4, the respiratory disease is long, the treatment is not good, the throat trachea is swollen, red; trachea, the bronchillary is mucus, the heavy people have cyclic bleeding, so even if the cause of the respiratory is solved However, there will be slight respiratory symptoms

5, the chicken does not swallow the action, and it will not vomit, so the slight respiratory tract will be reflected in the snoring, the neck gasping

6, feeding the environment Not scientific, excessively paying overturned, does not pay attention to ventilation, causing abnormal ammonia content of the chicken, stimulating the chicken respiratory mucosa, the normal value of the ammonia gas is allowed to be 20 ppm

7, the respiratory disease caused by vaccine stress It can be prevented and treated with a medicament of erythromycin ingredients. The voice of the Dongdong studio is good.

E. coli caused by the packet liver, peritonitis

The bronchogenesis caused by flu mixing, this situation is high.

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