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We all know that from the buckle to become crabs, crabs need to go through the five-way shell to reach the listing standard, every shell, crabs will double, so it is the key to normal growth smelings! Therefore, how to promote the growth of crabs, make crabs mature in advance, listed in advance, and get high returns to become a concern of many farmers! Bile acid can promote the use of river crabs on the utilization of river crabs on cholesterol and multi – unsaturated fatty acids, and promote the growth of river crabs, improve the river crab into the survival rate, so that the specification is large. High yield, get high profit high return! In addition, in the long-term addition of bile acids in the feed, it can make the river crab liver and pancreatic health development, and the damage to the river crab liver is the incidence of water-losing disease, which greatly improves the river crab into the survival rate, so that crab crab cream is full, paste red meat fat Good taste, improve economic benefits. Application test of bile acid in the river crab: Test location: Hubei test base test time: May 2016 – “September 2016 Test theme: Study bile acid on the growth specifications of river crabs and the hepatic pancreatic test process: In the two 1-mu of test pond, it was put into 1000 buckled crabs in two 1 mu of test pond. The specification was 60 / kg. The test pond was fed through the bile acid feed, and the pond was fed as a feed, other breeding management Participate.

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Test results: There is a waterized in the control group during the farming period, the maximum specifications of 2.5 two females, 3 and two male crabs, production of 157.9 kg / mu; test the river crab in the pond, there is no illness in the pond. During the process of breeding, the feeding is fast, the growth rate is fast, the shell is smooth, and the listing is 7 days in advance, the listing is high, the listing is large, the largest specification is 3 two females, 3.5 two male crabs, yield 207.99 kg / mu .


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Bile Acid Application Case: Jiangsu Nantong Zhao, 200 mu of cultivation, river crab, put crab seedlings in early May, 9 Month. Add bile acids 800g / t in river crab in 7 – September, good feed, easy to digest, promote river crab shells, grow, crab-crab paste, high temperature phase survival rate. The crab listing is neat, and the body surface is bright and strong. Mr. Chen, Jiangsu, China, 100 mu of cultivation, raised crab seedlings in April, listed in September. In the river crab, add bile acid 500g / t, during the period, the growth and development, the shell is timely, and the survival rate is high, the liver pancreas is well developed. The crab is listed early, the specifications are large and neat, and the energetic is good. (Source: Longchang’s motivation)

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