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Glucose can be used as a feed additive in rabbit production, it can achieve good results. The role of glucose in rabbits is here:

Improve feed flavor rabbit preferences, add 8% to 12% of glucose in combination with feed or mixed feed, can cover the feed Not smear, can stimulate the appetite of rabbits and improve the taste of the feed, increase the feeding capacity of rabbits, and ensure that there is enough feeding capacity under stress conditions, heights fast, general youth rabbit weight increase can be increased by about 25%, and Feed waste can be reduced by rabbits.

Improve rabbit resistance in rabbit, 8% ~ 12% of glucose powder, can be quickly absorbed from small intestines, increase physical fitness, supplement nutrients and stored in the liver, protecting hepatocytes from harmful factors And can promote the vitality of mesopathy system cells and liver cells, thereby enhancing the resistance to infectious diseases and poisoning diseases, making the incidence of rabbits significantly, unknown reasons and death significantly.

Increasing the rabbit rabbit rabbit proves, mother pregnancy, food, food, high-quality baby girl. Domestic reports, the female rabbit adds 20 to 30 grams of glucose powder in the mixture or complex, or dissolved in drinking water, and the females of the newborn rabbit are stopped after breeding. 12%. Tel: 0374-8136766

Anti-rabbit pregnancy toxic blood-free bunny is pregnant, fetal development is rapid, prone to excessive consumption in vivo, leading to fat metabolism, causing metabolic acidosis, in rabbits Clinically, pregnancy, pregnancy, dysfunction, and digestive function disorder characterized, or produce a lotus, even a newborn rabbit, a full body. At the 20th day, the female rabbit was stopped until the 2nd day after delivery, 20 grams of glucose powder were added to the rabbit fitting or mixture to supplement energy and nutrients, increase the in vivo storage of sugar dollars. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Double Zhuang Weak Rabbit Add 15% of glucose in a weaker rabbit or mixture, due to the improvement of the fond of the feed, the appetite, on the basis of strengthening the feeding management, So fast.

When the administration of the drug is good, when the mixture is taking the rabbit disease, when the rabbit eats, the nature is picky, often due to the odor of the medicine, I don’t want to eat well. If it is incorporated with 15% of glucose powder at the same time,Covering the scent, it can improve the feeding capacity of rabbits to ensure that the rabbits only use the sufficient amount of premiums to prevent drugs.
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