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During the growth and reproduction of pigs, there are not many trace elements, such as iron, copper, cobalt, iodine, zinc, magnesium, selenium, etc., they play extremely important. effect. They are now in the important role of pig growth and reproductive process and the method of completing the following.

Iron: It is one of the hortoglobin, myoglobin and various oxidases of pigs. The storage capacity of the newborn piglets and the amount of iron in the murd of pigs are very small. In addition to getting iron from the milk, breastfeeding priority is not able to obtain iron from other ways, it is easy to have anemia.

The method of supplementing iron is: digging the deep earth of the red soil in the corner of the piglet, let the piglets freely. Place of non-red classes can dig out some soils from the deep soil, add iron, copper solution (iron copper solution (ferrous sulfate and 1 gram pulverate, dissolved in 100 ml water), and is made into a soil, drying. After drying, put it in the bowl, let the piglets are free to eat.

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Copper: Copper has catalytic effects on the formation of pig hoglin, and is related to the development of bones, the normal metabolism of the central nervous system, is a pig Components and activators of various enzymes in the body.

Method for supplementing copper is: if the pig is deficient, 2 mg of sulfate is added to copper, and it is easily poisoned in each kg feed.

Cobalt: cobalt is a composition of vitamin B12. If it is cobalt, it will affect the metabolism of iron. The need for pigs on cobalt is very small.

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Method for supplementing cobalt YES: 50% of cobalt chloride or cobalt sulfate is added to the feed can promote its growth.

Manganese: Manganese has a function of promoting metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in pigs, and accelerates the formation of bones.

The method of solving pigficomy manganese is: feed more wheat bran, oatmeal and green feed. When the green feeding in the winter and spring, he feeds some manganese-containing germination feed.

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iodine: When the pig is lacking iodine, it is mainly manifested as a thyroid swelling, the metabolic function can be reduced, and the growth and development is blocked, and the reproductive ability is lost. Death will also cause death when it is seriously deficient. If the pregnant sow is deficient, it is easy to produce a dead or no maunting pig.

Prevention and treatment method: At about 10 days before the sow, the salt containing 0.02% potassium iodide is added to the mother sow mixed feed by 1%.


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Zinc: Zinc is a metal element constituting a hydrolase of a carbonate. The effect of carbonate hydrolase plays in catalytic in vivo synthesis and decomposition. If the feed is deficient in the feed, it is easy to cause skin inflammation, scarring, and hair removal until the growth is stopped.

The method of solving pig deficiency is to find this symptom, 10 grams of zinc sulfate can be added to 100 kg of dry mixed feed, and the symptoms can disappear after 7 days.


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Magnesium: Magnesium is an element necessary to constitute an osteophen, and a role in activating various enzymes in vivo. When the supply of magnesium is insufficient, the skeleton calcification is abnormal, and the growth and development is poor, and the neurological tremor is prone to occur. Often feeding some mixed feeds can meet the needs of pigs on magnesium.

Selenium: White muscle disease occurs in selenium selenium.

The method of solving the selenium of pigs is: After this disease, the feeding conditions should be improved immediately, and the treatment of sodium selenite formulations should be used. Piglets supplement selenium, should be used at the same time as vitamin E, so the effect is good.


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