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1 Manage “lazy”.

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Germination is inert, neglects management details, and does not matter. 1. 1. Dizzact is disinfected. I feel that I can’t see the disinfection effect, I will omit the trouble and I will omit. The pathogenic microorganism is called the microorganism because it is small, in order to escape people’s blow, it makes you can’t see. After you have seen it, you can see it, the pathogenic microorganism is considered because you can’t see it. There is no existence, not effective, it is a typical “shaping ring”. The pathogenic microorganism relies on population forces that when their number increases, when breaking through the body’s defense, it will cause an outbreak of the epidemic. Scientific disinfection can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, reduce their number, and reduce the chances of incidence.
1.2 Ignore the saving. The chicken itself is a micro-profit industry, and it is one of the important factors affecting the benefits of breeding. According to reports: the design of the trough, the design is unreasonable, the usual is too full, etc. (special habits 1 day fed 1 time), only at least every chicken is at least 20 pounds per year; usually do not ring, anti-bird, mouse annual consumption 10-15 pounds of feed, sparrow consumes 2-3 kg feed, not only this, but they are also difficult to prevent viunitation, etc.
1. Loing the management. The habit of often entering the chicken is gone, and the epidemic is very serious. It is not difficult to get careful, careful, careful, and early shot, and the chicken farm is not recorded as usual. The wrong repetition, prevention, treatment is not based on flustered, no purpose administration; use the nipple drinking fountain to do not need to disinfection, water lines into the carrier of pathogenic microorganisms, so that the health, immune effect is affected; drinking water The nipple has been unreasonable, and many people are placed behind the cage. The chicken is down on the neck of the chicken in the water. Due to the lavenge, the water beads are shining in the refraction of light, bringing other chickens, making the neck feathers Take it early; the nipple leaks, feed mold, especially chickens like something in the gap, not in time, put the trough interface, put thingsThe following wet, mold feed is cleaned up, and there will be a phenomenon of changing death and high mortality. Feeding is not scientific, or even feeding once a day, it is not easy to cause metabolic diseases (we promote The egg hooks feeding at least 3 times a day. Take the “two net left” feeding method in the fed method. That is, the first feeding in the morning 4: 30-5: 00, feeding early chicken laying Earlier, the so-called people done. The first night is expensive. In the morning, I will feed it in the trough. This is “a left”; noon, at night, I have to eat half an hour after the chicken, so that the chicken can be Take the nutrients such as powdered vitamins to avoid metabolic epidemic and egg size uneven, this is “two net”).
2 Immune “chaos”. The immune procedure has no good or bad, suitable for his chicken farm, which prevents control of the current popular main infectious diseases is scientific immunization procedures. Many chicken farms have been biased, blindly imitated, or for the provincial things, they have made the immunization procedures that have been fitted with their immune procedures. The main epidemic antibody is low, and the disease is repeated in the chicken farm.
2.1 Foundation immunization is unreasonable. The most important new city duel is still not doing well, frequently a large amount of drinking water immunization (some places every half of the egg chicken, using nearly 10 times in the quantity of four-series drinking water 1 time), the chicken group is made due to the problem of immune tolerance The chicken in low antibody levels continues to appear and become a new city duration. The author believes that drinking water is immunized, especially using the nipple water drinking water is immunized, which is originally to be confused by himself, in the new city disease immunity, should pay special attention to the immunity of the oil seedlings. In recent years, it combines H9 avian influenza, and 3 months after the production of the egg hooks, 1 new city disease – H9 effect is good, preferably combined with qualified laboratory for antibody detection and then immunization will be better.
2.3 Excessive use of the subproprium. The more, the better, the better the immunity is the result of stimulating the body to produce immunoglobulin, the more, the body produces high quality, the possibility of sufficient antibody in a certain period of time; the body will be on the body There is a certain destruction, the greater the damage to the body, and even more than the body’s defensive ability, there is an immunization, plus the interference between immunization, so if the time allows best to use single seedlings (not a populant There is no advantage, saving time, effort, immune interval, etc.).
2.4 The vaccine is unreasonable. In order to save the egg poetry and new city duration, chickenAcne pneumatic seedlings injection, laryngi drinking water, breaking with the new city disease I. How often is it, how to do things, so that immune is not to produce good immunity, but for your heart.
3 thought “bias”. Academic faction dispute, feed, veterinary drug manufacturers boasting the thoughts of farmers, producing a wrong motive, resulting in the wrong results.
3.1 Distributed competition in the veterinary drug industry “engaged” biased the farmers. The fierce disorder competition has enabled Professor, Ph.D., and small to the veterinary drug factory, and local veterinarians have put down the shelf to the village, enter the house, enter the industry. For the needs of their own interests or self-righteous view, Hui Hu Ji Hui, who is engaged in Yangji, I don’t know who to listen to, who is right, there is a variety of illnesses, with a cutting, a pair of eyes Ding Qiankun, ten people ten views, and the result is delayed the best treatment. So farmers don’t forget the laboratory diagnosis is the most scientific.
3.2 The difference between veterinary drug quality “scare” has biased the farmers. The quality of veterinary drugs is uneven, many manufacturers have a large difference in production, price and quality in non-GMP workshops. Many times, even if you look at the disease, it is often not sick because of veterinary drug quality problems, long time, farmers do not believe in veterinary drugs, and do not believe in technology, caught in a confused situation. So the veterinary drugs of the formal large businesses are also in the policy. Never believe the veterinary manual, if the manufacturer can be treated with a medicine, the manufacturer can treat a hundred diseases, and the fairy Turin, which is too old!
3.3 The heart of the greed is “tempering” to biased the farmer. In order to compete, the veterinary drug factory, the feed factory continues to tempting the farmers with Xiaoyui, today gives the water basin, tomorrow to the motorcycle, the farmers gradually lost the direction, under the temptation of the prize, inferior feed, veterinary drugs into the chicken house, make you The risk of farmers is increased, and the benefits are reduced. I can only tell the farmers here, as long as your mentality is square, you will never be cheated.
Science and chicken is the first element of success. Since my country’s special breeding structure is unfaised, it does not raise the chicken, does not understand the technology, and if you understand the technology, you are very easy to be fooled, so Constantly learning, improve the identification is not the ability, insist on the use of scientific methods to manage the graphic group, is the first to be the first thing to do in farmers.

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