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A professional breeding pig farm, there is a group of piglets (1000 heads) There is a diarrhea after entering the field, the owner is treated with diarrhea, lowering casualties, ten consecutive processes, pigs start a lot of casualties, and lose around 10 per day.

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Bile Acid Agent Kang Muchi has reached the scene, and the liver is seriously damaged through a cutting inspection! Typical medication leads to casualties caused by drug poisoning!

Shenzhang recommends immediately stopping the drug, severe pig drink, bile acid + VC + glucose (plicking out of 300), more serious directly! Other piglets use bile acid 1kg / ton mixture scheme to implement the second day, the sick pig mental state is significantly improved, only 3 heads, 5 days of food recovery return, 10 days, the pig group returns to normal.
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Antibiotics are typical examples of liver damage, and drugs that have entered the animal’s body must pass through the liver, including antibiotics to kill bacteria, bacterial deathA large amount of endotoxin that is released must also be converted to low toxicity through the biological conversion function of the liver. A large, long-term antibiotics, adding the liver burden, the drug itself directly damages the liver cell function, which will cause the liver toxin accumulation, the liver function is getting weaker, until the failure, eventually leading to the pigs in piglets! Bile acid, as excretion, can effectively discharge toxins in the liver, reduce the liver burden, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the liver. Bile acid, as digestive fluid, can help digestion, improve energy utilization in feed, and satisfy the nutritional need for sick pigs. Bile acid, can also improve the activity of various enzymes in the liver, repair damaged liver cells, restore cellular functions! Nowadays, more farmers have realized that long-term injury caused by antibiotics to pigs, especially for the damage mainly responsible for detoxification and detoxification, so more and more farmers will add bile acid when using treatment programs. Decimate shortening the disease, improve the cure rate, and promote the purpose of restoration of the sick pig! Animal husbandry, pig, detoxifying liver

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