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This is a proverb for the breeding difficulty of different stage pigs; but the thirty and one hundred here have two different explanations. One explanation is that day age, one explanation is The number of cavities; my personal opinion is that the difference between weight is more reasonable; because the pigs, pig breastfeeding is two months, 30 days old, piglets are still in the breastfeeding stage, there is a sow protection, piglets are not Difficult attention; while thirty pounds, after the piglet weaning, the protection of breast milk and sows, the piglets are prone to various diseases, and the mortality is significantly increased. Nowadays, people have encountered hard to raise, because it is now weaning, weaning for 20 days, and piglets are in the abundance stage after weaning, and there are more problems.

The purpose of pig pig is to make money, reasonably use this farming, which can make pigs profitable.

First, the stage of difficulty is often the biggest profit stage; 30 pounds of piglets, the meat is around 1.5: 1, even if the dollar one pound feed, the feed cost is only three yuan. When it comes to one hundred pounds, the meat can be high to 2.5: 1, even a dollar five-corner of feed, the feed cost is also 3.75 yuan, and the cost gap is very large.

Second, difficult to raise, it is to say that pigs need better conditions. If you provide a suitable condition, pigs are not difficult to raise; if you provide good or easy-to-digestive feed, satisfaction The demand for environmental conditions such as piglets, prevents and reducing various unnecessary stress factors, and the factors that are difficult to raise, and the advantages of high production performance will be reflected.
Of course, one hundred pounds of pigs are easy to raise, but they cannot be treated, because management is fine or not, will directly affect the benefits of pig pigs.
Therefore, regardless of the big pig pig, as long as the scientific method is raised, it will get a good return.
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