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The meaning of this sentence means that the birth of piglets is the influence of growth and development, and the big birth weight is very important; the birth is one or two, how much economic value is there?

We can simply count, the birth is one or two, the column is poor, the two pounds per day before the column, it is equivalent to the five-day pig; more than five days, you need five days Various fees; first is the feed cost of pigs to maintain life, and pigs need to live every day, they need basic metabolism. The formula for calculating the basal metabolism is BM = AW0.75, where A is coefficient, 293, unit is kiwei; More than 5 days and 100 kilograms of pigs, you need 293 * 1000.75 = 293 * 32 = 9265 k.216 kcal; if the feed is 3300 thousand cards according to each kilogram of feed, it is equivalent to 0.67 kg feed, five There is a total of 3.33 kg, more than ten yuan; 80% of the total cost of the feed, need to increase cost 12.5 yuan. In this kind of push, if the birth is two or two, it is 25 yuan.
This is only visible, and if it is calculated that it will be greater because of the low reduction of individual small completion rates.

But make piglets are born, not only give more maternal pigs more, but also the scientific method; the early feeding is too large, will only increase the weight of the long sow and the weight of the fetus is not much. It is unfavorable to the sows and the fetus, which will have a serious tire, causing pregnancy failure; the weight of the fetus, more than 60% is growing in the last month of pregnancy, and the later feeding can increase the birth weight of the fetus; but add It is necessary to avoid the period of the mother pig breeding gland, otherwise too much energy is transformed into fat, is full of breast tissue, which will affect the normal development of breast bubbles, leading to poor lactation and lactation, small milk; while weaning is small and born The reason is the same.
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