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Ancient people raise pigs, pig manure is also an important one of the creation, because with pig manure, you can play more food, and more food is also income; then this agriculture is now useful ?

The answer is of course affirmation, because it is used, pig manure is also a small income. For retail workers with farmland, the current pig manure is used in the field, and it has also played food. This is not difficult to understand; but for large pig farms, pig manure is often burden, because They don’t have enough land for planting, only cheap sales, sometimes selling pig manure recovery, can’t make up for environmental protection.
In fact, regardless of retail households or pig farms, pigmenting and utilization of pigs can create greater value.
The first is to make the fertilizer of pig manure is higher; now people are generally non-processing in the fields, and the fertility loss in pig manure is very large; the following methods can make fertility to be stored, such as pigs Manure fermentation, dry granulation, etc.
Second, it is to create greater value for pig manure; for farmers, pig manure can be linked to green food, replacement with pig manure, produce green food and food, then sell high-priced, now people to organic food and vegetables Very popular, once the food and vegetables from these farmhouse, spend more money is acceptable, which not only saves fertilizer costs, but also sell more money.
For large pig farms, they do not have enough land, but can work with land-based units to produce organic foods and vegetables to form a fixed partnership, but also sell pigs. Good value.
The pigs in the micro-era, we have to cherish every penny, so we will make our pigs have grown.
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