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This sentence is that the focus of pigs in different periods is different. The piglets are mainly based on long skeletons. When the stage of the medium pigs, the long muscles are mainly engaged, and they arrived in the big pig. At the stage, the feed of feed is mainly used to convert to fat.

Don’t look at a few words, but involves a lot of scientific knowledge, and it also involves the profitability of pigs.

To understand this sentence, you must first know what the main components of bone, meat, and 膘 are.

Bone is the main bracket of pigs, hard and strong; two main components of the bones are two kinds, one is mineral, supported, and pigs have a stable body, mainly the function of bones. The other is the protein, the main role is a flexible action to prevent bone breakage; there is a certain amount of moisture and fat.

The main components of muscles are water and protein, and the proportion of water will be more.

膘 is the subcutaneous fat of the pig, the main component is the fat, moisture and protein content.
In the main components of bone, meat and fat, protein is the highest value, fat is the highest value; and minerals are indispensable components.

Knowing this sentence, we provide the most reasonable nutrition in the different stage of pigs; the small pigs can not be lacking in the small pigs, and the minerals cannot be lacking; while the meat in the middle of the pigs is more important; The pigs are mainly long fat, and there are many nutrients that are converted into fat. If you are expensive, if you use prices, you will be converted into fat, it will not cost it; so in the fat pig stage, you must use low starch with low price. The energy feed is mainly, which can greatly reduce costs.

In addition, the energy of fat is the highest, more feed is more; to the fertilizer stage, the feed utilization will be greatly reduced; so, it will be sold in time for a certain period of time, otherwise it will lose money.
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