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This is the agriculture of a variety time. The full text is this: the pussy is covered with grass, the extension is just; the look is dazzling, and the heat is refined; standing hard, just breeding; mucus thickening, exactly Fire.

This sentence is consistent with the breeding timing of our current execution, which summarizes three states of god, mucus and stretch reflections; “the pussy, exquisite” and the following sentence “mucus It is the fire “, which refers to the change of mucus; when the sow is estrus, the pussy will flow out of the mucus, and this mucus is the best time to breed with the vocal symptoms, while the viscosity is high; because In the past, the sows were in the circle. The sow will be placed in the place where the sow is lying. So once estrus, it is easy to see the sow in the sow, and the sow that is not estrus does not have this phenomenon; It is a mother-in-life, estrus, when the sow sees boar or smelling the smell of the boar, it will show special symptoms, such as the tail, the eyes are straight, the ear is straight, standing straight At this time, if it is driving the mother, it is often very hard, especially some people use hands to push the mother pig back, then it is more useless; of course, it is necessary to divide two situations. The boar is still not moving; the other is that there is no boar’s situation, still standing; the latter case, that is, it is necessary to make it right, otherwise it will miss the game.

We now identify whether it is breeding, but also look at the vulva change, because the sow is estrus, the vulva will have red swelling; if the redness begins to resolve, there is a slightly frustrated, it is the best time to breed. At the same time, the color of the vaginal mucosa will become dark red. There is no color in the farming, which may be related to the black pigs in my country, because black varieties pig, especially adult pigs, observing the vulva color is difficult.
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