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Pigs are inevitable, and the incidence is to be treated; but in production, it is often a small disease, which will lead to a large loss of pig people, or rising mortality, or treatment The cost is too high, or the economic value of pigs is lowered due to improper treatment.

About “three-point ruios, seven points”, we often hear this topic, and everyone understands the truth, but why don’t you do it well in terms of sick pig treatment?

First of all, what is “raising”?

I believe that “raising” is the first is nutrition; pigs are live, they must consume nutrition; and sick pigs are dealing with various damage, the consumption is greater, and the demand for nutrition is higher, especially nutrition and immunity. There is a big relationship, and the lack of nutritious pigs will be greatly reduced.

“Raising” or a suitable environment; healthy pigs are in an unfavorable environment, also reduced immunity; if the sick pig is in an unfavorable environment, it can only be weak disease resistance. Rehabilitation is more difficult.

“Raising” is still thoughtful; pigs need nutrition, but because pigs are fixed in small space, they lack independently feeding ability, can only be provided by people; different sick pigs are often often Because of the weak, the desire to eat is low, even if it is provided, it will not take the initiative to eat; the other environmental conditions are more guaranteed, because the pigs can neither speak, and have not created themselves. Treatment is a drug or otherwise to address external violations; it is an indispensable link of sick pig rehabilitation, but if it is not possible to eliminate the external factors caused by pathogenesis, it cannot stimulate itself to disease, simple drugs and other treatment measures, role It is limited.
So, in addition to the necessary treatment measures, we must also pay attention to “raising”, give pigs, let the pigs are in a suitable environment, but also focus on sick pigs Take care, always pay attention to the dynamics of sick pigs, so it is possible to make the sick pigs earlier earlier, and the loss is minimized.
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