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Here’s medical, Chinese medicine, and medical treatment are divided into three levels, and the doctor is a high-level doctor. Traditional Chinese medicine is a high level of doctors, and the medical doctor is a general doctor; it is not ill There is no pathogenesis, and the illness of wants is that it is possible to get on, and it has been ill.

Use fruit to explain the above words, to the pig and pig disease, that is, the high-grade pig man is not illusory, the higher level of pig people are in advance when the pig is possible in advance. Measures make it unsatisfactory; and the general pig people put the focus on the treatment.

If you use people to make a metaphor, it is easy to understand.

A pair of young couples, after the child is born, I will definitely make my child grow up healthily, you will not use your energy to make your child eat well, live, you will learn a lot of parenting Knowledge; So, although these young couples have no experience, there is no related technology, but children often develop well, rarely sick.

These young couples will also be prone to problems in children. For early precautions; for example, children will make calcium for children when they have long teeth; when children start food supplements It will give children to help digestive drugs to prevent indigestion; these measures can prevent children from underlying diseases.

But I really arrived in the infant, then they will be very venue to hospital treatment, very few people specialize in learning treatment technology; because they know, the treatment technology is a very difficult technology, not who Can learn.

Although people have a big difference with pigs, the reason is often the same; learning pig technology, raising pigs, often easier; and learning treatment technology, the difficulty is very large; The human energy is limited, and the limited energy is used in the things that is easy to do, that is the smart choice.

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