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At present, the search volume of the three words of the fermentation bed is getting bigger and bigger, and the fermentation breeding technology is really entered into people. Can the fermentation bed chickens also play the same effect? According to a friend who uses dried fermented bed, the fermentation bed is good, and the specific performance is in the following:
1. Clean environmental protection
Chicken manure is completed under the action of useful ribbon . Part is broken down into odorless gases (such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.) are discharged, partially decomposed into crude protein and bacterial protein, etc., realizing non-pollution, zero emissions, no dirty.
2, the health of the chicken, smooth growth
The fermentation bed pad is carried out by physical suctionTM, the biochemical effect of the chemical, and the biochemical effect of the fermentation process eliminates the odor substance in chicken manure. The air quality in the chicken house is good, obvious Lift the health of the chicken. Moreover, there are a variety of microbial flora in dry-Saha fermentation bed, which belongs to natural compound bacteria, and the living environment of chicken and the intestinal environment are absolute advantage, and the harmful bacteria have almost no survival. Most of the metabolism of pathogens is mainly based on a corruption process, in contrast to the fermentation process, fermentation bed inhibits the survival growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. The fermentation bed is dry and comfortable, which is also not conducive to the survival of coccidia, so the chicken is not easy to infect disease in the fermentation bed, and the chances of intestinal infectious diseases and coccidiosis in the fermentation bed are significantly reduced.
Fermentation bed fermentation provides a continuous stable warm ground, and the temperature in the chicken house is not prone to sudden landing in the moment when the weather changes or heating facilities is not normal, and the stress caused by this factor is reduced.
The contradiction between the fermentation bed chicken house is easy to coordinate, the ventilation is smooth, the air quality in the chickenhouse is improved, and the respiratory disease, asremia and intestinal diseases are significantly reduced.
3, saving provinces, provincial coal-electricity energy
chickens rarely sick in fermentation bed, healthy, reduce drugs (control respiratory diseases and intestinal diseases). During the feeding process, do not take time to clean the chicken manure, save a lot of labor and time. Golden Baby Dried Schyme Fermentation Bed Surface Temperature is maintained in twenty degrees in four seasons in the year, making it greatly reduced in the cooker in the holy, generally saving more than half.
4. Improve the quality of the commodity
The health improvement of the chicken, which itself improves the quality of the commodity chicken. Chicken health, less medication, decreased chicken residue, good meat. Chicken is soft, dryLife on the ground, basically eliminates the soda of the thoracocoin. Commodity chicken full of feathers, clean, not dry.
5, waste recycling:
Danache is mixed with chicken urine mixture is high-grade high-quality organic fertilizer or crude feed, nutritious, loose ventilation, no odor, processing and production of organic fertilizer If you don’t burn root, you can be widely used in seedlings flower nutrition soil, economic crop fruit vegetables or other animal crude feed.

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